Soap & Glory Haul

A Package Arrived From Soap and Glory….


Whenever I’m in Ireland for the holidays one of the first things I always make a point of doing is pampering myself. The beginning of the new year is always a time where I want to relax and decompress as much as possible to prepare for what lies ahead and so I love spending long lengths of time in the bathroom lathering as many lotions and potions as humanely possible onto my skin. Just being able to go to bed smelling good and spending warm and cosy evenings curled up on the couch after a hot shower is one of my favourite things to do. Soap & Glory are an amazing brand for helping me achieve this zen because their products are just so softening and they smell amazing… oh and did I mention that adorable packaging?

Let’s see what’s inside the hamper!

Soap & glorySoap and glory kit

First of all the box is giant and it is all Wonder Woman themed. I’ve always loved this brand for their vintage pin-up vibe and the quality of their products live up to the beauty of the packaging too.

Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life

The first product was this perfumed body scrub which works like a dream at removing dead skin and making my whole body feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I love using it on the areas where I have cellulite like on my thighs and under my upper arms because it really helps to stimulate my blood flow and to get everything moving. Overall this scrub makes my skin feel so alive, so soft and just so good. I’d totally recommend it, especially if you love scented scrubs in your bathroom routine!


This shower cream is yet another product that smells amazing and it has a built in body lotion which makes it perfect for my dry skin. This is probably my favourite thing that came in the set because having a shower cream that not only washes you but also makes you smell fabulous all while nourishing your skin is just too satisfying.

Wonder woman bath bomb

Keeping with the Wonder Woman theme, this bath bomb with her logo on it also came in the set. I honestly think that using it is going to break my heart a little though because it’s just too pretty! How could I possibly bring myself to destroy it?

The righteous butter soap and glory

Who doesn’t love a good body butter when they come out of the shower? This one is amazing for really dried out skin and it has a beautiful floral and fruity fragrance. The shea butter, aloe vera and vanilla make it a dream to apply and you can really feel it making your skin feel lovely and silky from the moment you put it on. I used to use this body butter a lot when I was still living in Ireland and able to get it so I was super happy to pick up another tub of it to bring back to Paris with me!

soap and glory sheet mask

The next thing that came was a sheet mask. This one is a radiance boosting mask for dull, lacklustre skin so I’ll probably save it for next week when college starts back up again or for a day where I need a hangover cure for my skin.

I swear, every time I get a new sheet mask I really have to resist every urge to hoard them in my room. When the packaging is pretty I always want to find a way of incorporating them into the decor, especially when they’re the Soap & Glory ones.

soap and glory puffy eye attack

The final thing in the package were these hydrogel eye patches which are a fave of mine for when I have tired eyes. puffiness and dark circles.

The refreshing effect helps to reduce puffiness and emulate the effect of a night’s sleep. I also love the surge of moisture that masks like this inject into my skin. It’s a must have in your beauty routine or if you’re in need of some pampering.

That’s it for this little beauty haul. I love pampering myself with these kind of products because I think it really just makes me feel good in my own body. Self care is my new mantra for 2020.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever used anything from Soap and Glory before.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post.

~Amanda xx

2 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Haul

  1. Cordelia.

    Omg you’re back in Ireland!!! Wow! And i am loving the WW theme, no way i would use that bath bomb its so freaaaking cool and everything sounds so great, i especially wanna try the scrub, it sounds so stimulating and cleansing. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mandy Cherie

      Yesss! But just for a little holiday haha
      I love seeing your comments and I’m so glad you want to try the scrub! I think you’re going to love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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