So I decided to try mom jeans…

Branching Out With My Style

My Outfit: Cardigan: Primark, Bag: Louis Vuitton/Top: Etam (similar)/Boots: Primark/ Jeans: River Island

It was hard for me to make the change to wearing mom jeans and to be ok with it, I’m not going to lie. I’m only 5’2 so daring to wear something that carries the risk of making my legs look smaller and stumpier than they actually are was no easy task but recently when I was in River Island I found the most perfect pair of mom jeans I have ever tried in all my days. So needless to say, I have been converted.


Up until my last shopping trip I was a skinny jeans girl but I mean who isn’t or wasn’t at some point? It’s hard not to be completely and utterly enamoured with them for their versatility and for the pure fact that they just hug all of the right places no matter what body shape they may be showing off.  In other words skinny jeans are always a safe bet for looking good but at the same time what’s the point in fashion if we never branch out of our safe zone every now and again?


It’s crazy how something as simple as wearing a different style of jeans can completely change your silhouette but to be honest I’m kind of living for this look. Who ever would have thought that tucking tight lingerie into baggy jeans could be so satisfying? I guess I am a libra so balance is the key component of my happiness and self confidence in life so it only makes sense why I am obsessed with the boyish shape of the pants paired with the feminine cut of the satin top. I feel like this combo creates a look that is both edgy and elegant while all at the same time remaining comfortable and casual and not to mention, fierce af.


Anyway, after that successful experiment, you can expect to see me in a lot of mom jeans from here on out. The vintage vibe they carry is yet another reason to love them and I was pleasantly surprised with how flattering they were.

So that’s it for this little fashion post. Here’s the link to the same jeans if you are interested. This post isn’t sponsored or anything. I was just really impressed with how comfy, stylish and the quality of my River Island mom jeans so I had to write about it here.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post!

~Amanda xx

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