Back To School Beauty

Beauty Kits to Start the Year

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Going back to school and uni is always rough, especially when the time comes where we have to admit to ourselves that the summer is actually over and early mornings are about to become a daily thing again. As a person who hates the feeling of rotting away in classes I don’t care about, the end of the summer tends to bring about a lot of stress and existential dread for me. (Can any fellow arts students relate?)

On the other hand though, there is something nice about this time of year. The late summer always makes me feel pretty nostalgic for when I was still actually in school and then there’s the fact that the silver lining of the back to school season is that it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to some new things.

We all deserve to start the year out feeling  refreshed and renewed after the summer break. You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes something as simple as changing up your makeup can be invigorating enough to take on the new year.

For today’s post I put together some makeup recommendations for those September mornings where you’re rushing out the door in a panic but still want to slay your makeup.

back to school beauty.png

You may notice a bit of a rose gold theme here and I literally think it’s because I need more pink in my life now that the long summer evenings are coming to an end.

Rose gold is such a warm, romantic colour and it is perfect for the transitional period going into autumn, don’t you think?

naked 3.pngnaked3.png

Urban Decay Naked 3

There have been so many Naked Palettes released over the years but out of all the most hyped palettes that come and go each season, the Naked 3 remains a staple on my vanity.

The blushing pink shades in this palette not only create soft and dreamy eyes, they are also ideal for everyday wear and they look even better when paired with a natural pink or red lip.

benefit.pngbenefit eyeshadow.png

Benefit Beauty Kit

What could be more convenient than having your whole face in one simple, portable box? The beauty kits that benefit do are always a lifesaver, especially if you’re the type of person whose makeup is never organised like me.

Having my blush, highlighter, concealer and lipstick etc all in the one place is so handy and benefit makeup is such great quality too. It’s definitely worth the hype, especially for the benetint lip and cheek stain and the high beam liquid highlighter.

The kit I’m showing here is no longer available but you can find the Benefit Erase Case here which is a kit full of concealer, and their Cheekleaders bronze squad kit here. Both are similar products to what I use and their packaging is always so picturesque!

Sephora Vivid Earth Contour Kit

sephora.pngvivid earth palette.png

Another kit to add to your list of essentials is this new release from Sephora.

If you guys follow my channel then you’d know that I created a glowy look using this palette. I love this palette because the bronzer in it is perfect for my skin tone and it also comes complete with a sandy coloured highlighter and two shades of pink blusher.

So these are the three kits that I have been using everyday now. Do you use beauty kits in your everyday makeup routine? What about rose gold shades? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you very soon in our next post!

~Amanda xx 

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