What I Wore in the South of France

Four Different Outfits For The French Countryside

motel rocks

As we get deeper and deeper into the summer, the streets of Paris become emptier and emptier especially when there is a heatwave stifling the whole city. After two years living in Paris, I’m no stranger to the city’s transformation into a ghost town during the summer months and so last week I decided to join in on bandwagon of the Parisian exodus and retreat down to the countryside for a breath of french air.

Because I was mainly enjoying my time away from the hustle and bustle and daily struggle of defending myself in Paris (fellow foreign strugglers where you at?) I didn’t take that many photos of the landscapes that surrounded me nor of many of my experiences. (It was the holiday mentality all week but sure you know yourself.)

I did however snap quite a lot of outfit photos and put together a lookbook which is exactly what this post is about.

southoffrance 9.pngsouthoffrance11.png

south of france10
MY OUTFIT: PLAYSUIT: Motel Rocks (Via Asos)/ BAG: Asos/ SHOES: Oysho (Similar)

Outfit One: Patisserie

Nothing says French provincial aesthetic quite like posing in front of a rustic boulangerie that unexpectedly matches your outfit.

You may notice throughout this lookbook that my little wicker basket is in almost every single photo and that’s because I really couldn’t get enough of it while I was away. Not only does it channel some serious Jane Birkin vibes, it also goes with just about every summer outfit all while complimenting the rustic look of my environment.

I don’t know what it is about me but whenever I travel I always love to blend in with my surroundings in one way or another.

These shoes were originally from Oysho but I thrifted them for €3 back in Paris. (If you ever are there and pass by a Guerrisol I can’t recommend it enough for cheap second hand clothes. These sandals were in pre-loved condition when I bought them but they still are the cherry on the cake to each of my outfits. A real steal if there ever was one.)

As for the playsuit, it’s from the brand Motel Rocks and I can’t get enough of the button-up detailing. That, in combination with the stripes really makes for a vibe that is both laid back and stylish.

south of francesouth of france7south of france8

Look Two: La Fille aux Fleurs

Would my countryside lookbook really be complete without a matching floral dress and background combo? I think not.

In this outfit I’m really capitalising on the comfort of scuba fabric because who doesn’t love to have  a soft touch all over their skin all day long?

The cardigan I’m wearing here is a thrifted and gifted piece from my adorable boyfriend and the dress is an old summertime favourite from Zara. For this look I really wanted to add some class to the basic T-shirt cut of the dress and I feel like a cropped cardigan is the best way to do that.

Also I know that the hat is on a whole other level of messy because it literally is falling apart BUT I made friends with a local cat during this shoot so exposing myself was so worth it.

south of france 5south of france9

Look Three: Beau Peep

I don’t know what it was about the countryside that inspired this total prairie babe aesthetic but I’m definitely living for rocking cute looks like these.

This dress is a Depop find originally from Liz Lisa and is maybe one of the cutest or dare I say it, most kawaii things I own. It emphasises an adorable dolly aesthetic and what better place to use it to look like a modern day Bo Peep than in the french countryside? (Which for the record was also full of sheep.)

south of france2motel rocks playsuit

south of france4

Look Four: La Dormeuse du Val

The first photo of me closing my eyes under the tree was snapped of me and my mind immediately went to an Arthur Rimbaud poem that I had read years ago back in Ireland; The Sleeper in the Valley.

I think it was the deep red colour of the outfit that reminded me so much of it? But anyway, this playsuit is another current favourite of mine from Motel Rocks that I picked up during the Asos sales. It definitely has to be the most comfortable of all four. The fluted sleeves are so flattering and because they are long, I don’t feel too exposed in it even though the shorts are quite revealing.

So that’s it for my South of France lookbook! I really hope you guys enjoyed. Do let me know what your favourite outfit is in the comments below! I’d love to hear from all of you.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post.

~Amanda xx

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