What I Wore During The Heatwave in Paris

A Hot Flash of Outfits For Summer Weather

parisian outfit

With red hot temperatures on the rise this summer we all need the perfect sweat-proof outfit that’s going to be perfect for chilling out and cooling down.

Being an autumn baby who lived almost my whole life in Ireland, coming up with summer outfits that are both comfortable and cool can be an impossible task at times, especially because I’m not used to having to go about my everyday life while sweltering under the extreme heat. It’s only really now after two years living in France that I’m getting used to dressing comfortably under the blazing hot sun so for today’s post I came up with three summer outfits that are perfect for staying stylish no matter how high the thermometer may be.


My Outfit: DRESS HoneyPunch via Asos

Outfit One: Prairie Babe

This first outfit is really inspired by the western aesthetic that I see so many LA girls rocking. If I had a pair of cowboy boots and something fringed it would take this outfit to a whole other level. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed that I have been living in this dress for the past month. The reason being because I am obsessed with satin for the summer. Not only is it the type of fabric that is so lightweight and breathable, it is so soft and feels so classy to the touch that it will never fail to take your outfit to another level.

What I really love about this dress is that the two-tone design is just so flattering and the little matching scarf that comes with it can be worn in your hair as a bow or around your neck to really add to the western vibe of the outfit, making it the perfect accessory to complete your look.

Motel slip dressmoondress3.png


Outfit Two: Summer Sorceress

This second dress radiates some serious witchy/astrology vibes which is exactly why I fell head over heels under its spell. In the first two photos I paired this look with a black wide-brimmed fedora to really accentuate the enchanting feel of the look all while keeping the harmful rays of the sun off of my face.

When daring to wear a slip dress like this it’s always important to pay proper attention to the accessories you pair with your outfit. You want to avoid looking like you just climbed out of bed and forgot to get out of your pyjamas that day (unless that’s your vibe of course, then by all means go for it.)

When the weather is as hot as it is in the middle of the summer, opting for fine pieces of jewellery, wide brimmed hats and colourful handbags will keep you looking put together and cool as they won’t weigh you down too much in the sun.

Note: I grabbed my cami dress in the asos sales so there may not be many of them left. If you want to check out the same brand and their slip dresses, the store is named Motel Rocks and you can find similar pieces here.


parisian style.png

Outfit Three: White Hot Parisian Girl

For my third outfit I wanted to strike a balance between classic elegance and a more street-style inspired edginess which is exactly why I paired this long sleeve lace top with these distressed denim shorts. This look is all about contrasting different colours and textures which really makes the look come alive all while remaining simple and chic.

For shoes I’m wearing black oxfords which are a serious must-have in Paris whatever the weather. The fact that they are flat makes them perfect for walking and they add a dressy touch to any outfit.

So that’s it for my summer outfits post! Hopefully there will be a part two coming soon! For now, links to everything and to similar items are in the captions above.

Let me know in the comments which outfit was your favourite and if you have any style tips for the hot weather because I’d love to hear them! I’m still only just getting used to living in a country that has heatwaves so any advice is appreciated!

That’s all from me for now. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post!

~Amanda xx

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