Emergency Haircare Routine ft Yves Rocher

How I’m Saving My Damaged Hair


I don’t know about you but my hair has certainly been through a lot over the past year. Between bleaching it twice, toning, straightening, and blow drying on a regular basis I’m not stranger to split ends, breakage and dullness.

Ever since I bleached, balayaged and highlighted my hair one year ago, the thickness and softness has never been the same. I honestly am convinced that colourists are lying when they tell you that the work they do doesn’t damage your hair because mine has been drying gout and shedding like crazy ever since I highlighted it. It’s terrible now how empty I feel whenever I run my fingers through my hair sleek and shiny hair because the thickness is just not there anymore and each time I so much as touch my hair I end up yanking out massive clumps of it.
You shouldn’t get me wrong however, shedding is completely normal especially in the warmer months but dryness and extreme breakage on the other hand is a sign of chemical/heat damage. That is exactly why I’ve really stepped up my haircare routine lately with the goal of restoring my dead ends back to the long, luscious locks that they once were.
For this post I’m sharing my haircare regime with you guys in the hopes that it will help you too if you’re experiencing haircare woes in the same way that I am.
Let’s begin!


Step One: Masks

One thing that I certainly don’t do enough is use hair masks and oils. If I’m ballin on a budget I tend to look to the kitchen for oil treatments and from there I bathe my hair in coconut and olive oil but in general I much prefer to use bottled hair masks because one; less effort and two; they are always so much easier to wash out than the home remedies.

This one from Yves Rocher is made of 95% natural ingredients and is silicone free. The avocado oil inside nourishes the hair strange while the agave helps to stimulate the hair root so that new hair can grow.
The good thing about this mask is that you can use it before and after shampoo so before my shower I’ll put it in my hair for 10 minutes and then again after I shampoo it for 3 minutes and it’ll make my hair so lovely and soft.


Step Two: Anti-Breakage Shampoo

Often when you experience hair loss you shampoo can be the culprit. Shampoos that make hair dry or lead to build up should really be deleted from your regime entirely if your hair is breaking and thinning out.
What really drove me to this one was that it contains white lutin which is an ingredient that prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth in the root. Once again the ingredients are 98% natural which is just the break my hair needs for my chemically damaged hair.

Step Three: Conditioner

Normally I just use my hair masks as my conditioner but you can add another conditioner to your regime if you wish.

Step Four: Leave in Conditioner

This leave in conditioner advertises itself like a day cream for your hair which is funny because usually when we talk about day cream we’re talking about skincare right?
I guess it’s safe to say that our hair needs protection especially when it’s dry so that’s why I’ve been doing everything I can to lock in as much moisture as possible, especially now that it’s summer and the harmful rays of the sun can increase damage. The avocado lipids in this cream help to restore moisture and oil to the hair shaft.
Personally though I find this product a little greasy even though it does add a lot of weight to my hair. This is why when I’m working from home I tend to lather this is my hair. It’s the perfect product to lather all over my head when I’m not going out. On a normal day however I’ll apply it to the very tips of my hair where it tends to be the driest and that way I can repair my hair on the go.


Step Five: No Heat!

This is probably the hardest step for me because the entire shape of my hair and the way I style it depends on my heat tools but now that it’s summer I’m doing my best to let it air dry.
This setting shine spray is all I use after lightly towel drying my mane. The good thing about it is that it contains marigold oil however I don’t go too crazy when I spray this because there is also alcohol in the ingredients which I actually didn’t realise before I bought it.
That aside though I love how you can actually see the oil floating in the bottle and it really does help boost shine in dull hair which is amazing!
So that’s it for my haircare blogpost. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I’ll keep you up to day on how the condition of my hair improves over time. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon!
~Mandy xx

5 thoughts on “Emergency Haircare Routine ft Yves Rocher

  1. NunziaDreams

    These are such great tips! I’m gonna have to implement them into my beauty routine. When I was in high school, I straightened my hair all the time and it was so damaged ugh lol! But I never really apply heat anymore and it has helped loads! Awesome post, girl!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

      I’m sure they’ll really help because I’ve only been doing this a month and already my hair is looking waaay better than before! Now that it’s summer my hair is scorched in the Parisian heat so I needed to be caring for it as best I can and I sometimes straighten my hair even in spite of the damage because I love the look but I need to stop because it’s the worst thing ever xD I’m glad to hear that stopping heat helped you because now I feel more encouraged to resist the temptation!

      Liked by 1 person

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