A Day At The Opera Photo Diary

The Phantom of The Opera


Hello my lovelies! Welcome back to another Parisian adventure here on LaDameWhoFellToEarth. Today’s post is a short little photo diary from last weekend when I visited the Opera House or, The Palais Garnier as we call it here in Paris. I’ve  seen a lot of awe-inspiring interiors in this city but the one found in the Opera definitely trumps them all in terms of being the most extravagant and jaw-dropping.

I really hope these photos will inspire you to pay the Opera House a visit if you ever happen to be in Paris but honestly my photos don’t even do this beautiful building justice for how incredible this place really is on the inside.


After the fire at Notre-Dame I swore to myself that I would make the most out of every possible opportunity in Paris to appreciate the beautiful things around me. That’s exactly why I visited the Opera and believe me when I say that the inside is so much more impressive than you could ever imagine.

When you go inside the first thing you are greeted by is the immense marble staircase as well as the marble balconies that flank the hallway.  My one regret is not showing up wearing a more princess-like outfit because I seriously felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I was walking around underneath these massive golden galleries and extravagant chandeliers!

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the movie The Phantom of The Opera but I’ve always had such a thing for the type of venetian fantasy aesthetic in that film. I love the masquerade masks, the candelabrums and showy outfits as well as the elaborate detail that goes into the creation of everything from the embellishment on the masks, the ribbons, the confetti, the corsages and the ballgowns and even the chandeliers and gold ceilings. The baroque interior and all the extravagance and intricate detailing that goes into it’s creation really plunges me into another world and getting to explore the inside of the Palais Garnier really feels so dreamy and fantastic!


Of course the most beautiful thing inside to me was the high ceilings and the oil paintings on them. Just look at those pictures and at how detailed they are. I honestly feel like you could spend hours looking up at them and still not catch every detail. The whole place just makes you feel like a princess in a palace. All that’s missing is the masquerade ball and a mysterious masked vilain to complete the scene!


The main reason we actually went to the Opera House was to film a scene from my latest lipstick lookbook! I’ll be writing a fully detailed post on my new beauty business over on Instagram later in the week if you guys want to know more, otherwise you can check out the video here!

Basically I’ve started selling some liquid lipsticks over on the ‘gram since so many of you always ask me about what I’m wearing on my lips! This one is the shade Determined which is a beautiful nude colour and also the one I’m wearing as pictured in the photos above. If you want to get your hands on it then you can drop me a DM over on my Instagram @LaDameWhoFellToEarth 

And that’s it for this post! I really hope you enjoyed coming to the Opera with me! There are so many reasons why I appreciate Paris and visiting places like these, even though it’s touristy really makes me appreciate the city that I live in.


Have you ever visited the Paris Opera House? Or anywhere similar that you’d like to recommend me? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post!

~Mandy xx




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