My First Designer Coat

Bringing Italian Design to Paris

Vivetta coat

I may live in Paris but the mystical world of Italian maximalism is something that has always deeply inspired me when it comes to igniting my love for all things fashion. Think designers like Alessandro Michele and Donatella Versace paired with a Renaissance-like frivolity and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for my inner fashionista’s dream come true.

Fashion for me is at it’s most awe-inspiring when it brings something unique and even sublime into the world as we know it. When I first discovered the whimsical designs of Vivetta Ponti, I immediately became utterly enamoured by the the surreal universe that she creates in each of her dreamy collections. The designer evokes all aspects of abstract art in her creations from impressionistic paintings to poetry and even the sentimental aesthetic of old Disney movies to name but a few. The fact that she has the power to bring such art into her designs is truly amazing and when I saw that one of her pieces was up for grabs recently on Depop, I just had to grab it and make it my own.

Today’s post is all about how I thrifted a designer coat and why it has such a special place in my heart being from one of my favourite designers.

marzia coat.pngmarzia coat vivetaavivetta ponti coat.pngvivetta marzia coat 2vivetta ponti yellow coat.pnghow to move to paris.

What I absolutely love about Vivetta’s designs is the way in which she brings such a surreal universe into our own. Contemporary silhouettes are fused with bon-ton patterns, meticulous details and opulent floral shapes are contrasted by clean lines and surreal hand and face embroideries meet in a realm of kaleidoscopic colour, calling to a world similar to that found in a Dalí painting -however with a much more assertive edge of femininity. Her designs evoke a world of reverie, of distant memories and fantasies that echo lost moments in time of childhood, of fancy and of make-believe. The fact that she can create so much sentiment in her designs is truly incredible. Even if you guys look at the samples below of her latest collection you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


This coat honestly has got to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. What makes it even better for me is that it’s a piece in my wardrobe that carries so much sentimental value. I spent so much time in high school watching Marzia’s vlogs on YouTube and I remember seeing this coat in one of her videos and being mesmerised by it. Who ever would have thought that she would one day want to get rid of it and it would become mine?

There are certain pieces in your wardrobe that nobody can replace because they have such great stories to tell. This Vivetta coat is one of those pieces because I always feel like I’m wearing a work of art every time I put it on. Also it was an absolute steal at the price I thrifted it at.

Below you can see some of my favourite pieces from Vivetta’s latest show during fashion week. Isn’t there just something really magical about them?


Do you have any favourite pieces in your wardrobe? Or anything amazing that you managed to thrift? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below as well as your thoughts on Vivetta’s designs!

That’s all from me for now. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post.

~Mandy xx

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