My Second Time Modelling in Paris

My Best One Yet


Paris is definitely a city brimming with opportunities in the fashion world and as an up and coming influencer and blogger, making the decision to move here just over a year ago was definitely one of the best things I ever could have done for my career. If you guys haven’t read about my first experience modelling in Paris yet then I definitely recommend you check that post out here. This was my second time ever getting the chance to model here and I wanted to share some of the outfits with you because between the snow in Paris and the cold grasp of winter apparently not letting go of us anytime soon, we could all do with some inspiration for upgrading our winter wardrobe.

My second time modelling in Paris was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life and a day that I’ll no doubt remember forever. It’s crazy to think that the decision I took at 20 to leave home all by myself has spring-boarded me into such awesome places in the fashion industry and being able to take part in such an amazing project and in Paris of all places is a literal dream come true. I still can’t get over how well things are going for me right now. I feel like I really it’s all too good to be true!


Just like last time I was modelling coats for a boutique in the 19ème Arrondissement called Alessandro Style. They honestly have some of the most luxurious pieces I have ever seen and each of their leather bags and coats are hand crafted and designed here in France.

The location for this shoot was the Pont de Bir-Hakeim which is famous for having one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower in the city.  It’s also the bridge from Inception! Honestly this is one of the moments of my life where I really felt like I needed to be pinched. It’s a surreal feeling to know that I am now able to tell people that I was the leading model for a shoot that took place by the Eiffel Tower and for a real company where the clothing is made by real people in Paris. I still can’t believe that they chose my image to market their elegant coats. It’s insane.


The first coat that I got to model was this leather trench and honestly it has to be one of the favourite things that I have ever worn. The tailoring just fits like a glove and it matches perfectly with the classic image of the chic Parisienne. Caroline de Maigret, ambassador for Chanel and author of How to Be Parisian once said that if the Parisian girl could have nothing in her wardrobe but a Burberry trench, you can bet that she would agree in a heartbeat and this coat is my exact version of that.

A leather trench has got to be an essential in any parisienne’s wardrobe primarily for the feeling of being in an old Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot film. The fact that it has pockets too makes it the perfect piece for that edgy garçonne look that is so iconic to the city.

Even just getting to put this coat on felt so special. The material was so thick, and so soft and it was so easy to tell from the first touch that the quality of the leather was extremely high class. The best thing about this trench is of course is the sentiment of modern vintage that it brings to your ensemble. The style is paradoxically as retro as it is timeless and in my eyes it really echoes the nostalgia of an black and white film set in the 1960’s. The only thing missing is a soundtrack and a love story.


The next coat that I had to wear is this big bubbly fur-lined jacket. Honestly unless it is absolutely freezing cold outside, this is the type of coat that I love to wear open because the oversized look can really add another dimension to whatever outfit you may be wearing underneath. The fact that it has a hood as well as pockets brings the best of all words to one piece and it is incredibly warm too! One thing that nobody tells you about modelling is that there are some days where you are standing out for hours on end in the the cold so you definitely need to have a thick skin to be able to grit your teeth through the icy weather. This coat was definitely my saving grace in the subzero temperatures and you can bet that I was so grateful to be able to wear it whenever we shot this look! Now that it is actually snowing in Paris today, I can’t think of anything better to wear to stay lovely and snug.


The final jacket I got to wear was a shorter one and again was made of leather. I feel like a short jacket can bring about some serious bad girl vibes to your look. The big fluffy hood definitely gives this jacket its character and its unique style. The material is also so thick and so warm that I felt so comfy and cosy when I was wearing it. What’s amazing about these pieces is that they are each so warm and they have the potential to go well with virtually any look.

If you guys are in Paris soon and you are looking to splurge on a good quality winter coat then I would definitely recommend checking out Boutique Alessandro Style. You can spot them Instagram here.

And that’s it for my second experience modelling. Who knew it would be by The Eiffel Tower? If you guys have any thoughts on the photos I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

As always thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post!

~Mandy xx

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