The Last Days of Fall

November in Paris


It’s hard to believe that my second autumn in Paris is almost over. Fall has always been my absolute favourite time of year and I’m always sorry to see it go once the winter weather starts to set in. It’s crazy how in the blink of an eye the season of pumpkin spice and colourful leaves is taken over by the darkness that winter brings.

In today’s post I’m enjoying what really feels like the end of the fall as I spend the golden hour in Les Jardins des Tuileries. This park will always be among my favourites in the Paris. If you come well equipped with a hot drink, it’s the perfect place to chill on a secluded bench away from the bustle of the city as you enjoy a bit of fresh air and with the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay right beside the immense space and the Champs-Elysées not too far away, it’s always pretty surreal to hang out here because there’s always something spectacular to see.



For today’s look I’m rocking my favourite t-shirt from Life Club, an independent brand based in the UK. I came across their edgy designs when I was browsing through Family Store UK, which is a boutique based in Brighton that has a pretty awesome collection of artwork and apparel from independent creators. You may remember this t-shirt if you already saw my blogpost about Disneyland Paris but honestly I can’t get enough of it. The message is just so edgy and really relatable to my aesthetic right now.

Capture d_écran 2018-11-14 à 00.42.18

Even the pin is just too cute. I know it may be a little hard to see but it says “dear loneliness, you are not alone.”


If you guys are into alternative fashion then please do check out Family Store UK. This post isn’t sponsored by the way. Lately I’ve just been feeling really inspired by how independent brands are shaping my style. You won’t catch me on the high-street anymore and I definitely think my wardrobe has thanked me a lot for that. I’ve been doing my best to avoid fast fashion since the summer and ever since I started to explore smaller clothing brands, the relationship I have with the items in my closet just feels so much closer to me and way more intimate to my personality. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself and doing that by venturing away from fast fashion can really be a great way to show off the uniqueness in your style.

Anyway thank you guys for reading this short little post. Hopefully I’ll be back with another one before the end of the week. Do leave a comment telling me if you like autumn/what your favourite independent fashion label is because I love discovering new things from you. That’s all from me for now and I’ll see you very soon!

~Mandy xx 



5 thoughts on “The Last Days of Fall

    1. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

      It makes me so happy that you like it! I can’t wait for you to get it because I know that it’s going to look so great on you ^_^ Ahh I know exactly what you mean. I feel winter is so long compared to Autumn. If only it was the other way around ! ❤

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