October Mon Amour

An Autumnal Outfit of The Day

la douleur exquise.png

Today was the first day in Paris where I could finally walk around comfortably wearing what is probably the softest sweater I have in my closet. Autumn is a time of year that makes me feel so nostalgic for starting back in school, celebrating my birthday with my friends and family and of course, Halloween. I love this season because it’s a beautiful feeling having these memories and being able to cosy up with your favourite knitwear, feeling completely protected from the cold by the fabric as I clasp a hot drink (or in my current case, a chai latte) in my hands.

This is a season that not only feeds my indulgence for the aesthetic of crispy gold leaves on the footpaths and everything pumpkin flavoured, but autumn is my favourite season in terms of style as well.


The main feature of today’s outfit is this elegant red jumper from what is probably my favourite knitwear brand of all time, Hades Wool. There are so many reasons why I love their knits and the first time I ever got something from them, I ended up making a full blogpost about just how much I loved the sweater. A real coup de cœur for me when it came to choosing this piece was not only the ornate embroidery on the collarbone reading la douleur exquise (exquisite pain) but the sheer softness of the merino wool. This jumper is just so comfy and snuggly but fitted enough to still be chic. Literally, it’s like a caresse to the skin every time I put it on.

What I really think brings so much balance to this look however is the mélange of different shades of black along with different textures and a touch of metallic detailing to give the look that extra bit of edge. As usual I’m wearing my staple black gucci-esque handbag from The Archiduchess as well as these to die for new kicks from Missguided (via Asos) Honestly as soon as I saw these shoes I fell totally in love with them. I love how the pointed toes give them a fantasy-like vibe and the small bit of height they give elongates really your legs in the most flattering way. And just look at those buckles on the front? It honestly doesn’t get any better.

sjkk2.pngladfCapture d’écran 2018-10-09 à 01.33.39.pngThe necklace I am wearing is a fine piece of gold handcrafted in Wicklow, Ireland by Chupi, one of my favourite jewellery designers. Each of her pieces is just so special because they all have a unique origin or story to tell. This particular necklace is a rose leaf with a green gemstone attached and is so precious to me because I feel like I can carry a piece of Ireland with me wherever I go even though I now live abroad.

Photos by cptlyne.com ❤ Give her some love over on her blog right here ❤

And that’s it for this autumnal look in Paris. Honestly I feel like its the most coordinated I’ve been in a while haha. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

That’s all from me for now. Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post.

~Mandy xx

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    1. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

      Aaah I’m so happy you think the shoes are nice! ❤️ Thank you so much I’m really glad you like the look! xx


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