Afternoon Tea at Nina’s

A Marie-Antoinette Salon-de-Thé in the Heart of Paris

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Just a few days ago I came across photos of Nina’s Marie Antoinette online and as soon as I saw that such a place existed in Paris I just couldn’t wait to check it out. When we were in the area yesterday, myself and my friend Lyne decided we would take the opportunity to spoil ourselves with an afternoon tea.

The Salon-de-Thé is located not too far away from the Pyramides metro station and is just a short walk away from Place Vendôme and the Louvre.

ninas 2 .jpgScreen Shot 2018-04-14 at 14.23.15.png

Each of the teas available are inspired by those enjoyed by Marie-Antoinette in the court of King Louis XVI and are honestly some of the best I have ever tried. Their menu has such a wide range of classic green and black teas along with Earl grays infused with so many different perfumes and flavours. Peach, vanilla, strawberry and caramel name just a few from the selection but there are also so many others containing rose petals, apple, even chocolate. The list goes on!

ninas 3.jpgEach tea is just so unique and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The one Lyne got was a black tea infused with peach and we were laughing a lot about how it actually smelled just like a Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Everything about it was just divine.ninas 10.jpgninas 9The selection was just incredible and myself and Lyne were lucky enough to be given the chance to tour the salon and smell each of the infusions to see which one we liked best. The staff also allowed us to sample their artisan chocolates and dark chocolate bar, the layout of which literally resembles a birds-eye view of the garden of Versailles. We were able to taste their signature Confitures de Versailles which I can honestly say did not disappoint.ninas 4.jpgninas 1My favourite thing about it, aside from the cake that literally tasted like heaven was being able to recline in the beautiful powder-pink sofas while pouring myself ample amounts of tea into a pink porcelain cup. Not only is the furniture entirely decadent and altogether comfortable, the entire salon is just so immersive, its delicate ambience really gives you the feeling of living like a princess in the Palace of Versailles.





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Check out my friend Lyne’s travel blog here

And that’s it for today’s post! Nina’s Marie-Antoinette definitely is one of the more special Salon-de-Thés I have ever visited and I honestly can’t wait to go back. There will be a vlog coming soon so make sure you guys stay tuned for that!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post!

~Mandy xx




8 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Nina’s

    1. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

      im glad you like it! Honestly it’s pretty surreal sitting on the big pink chairs and feeling fancy but it’s definitely an amazing experience! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dame Who Fell To Earth

      Ah you definitely have to! It’s really such a beautiful experience and the food is just out of this world 💕🌷


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