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Going Green

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Hello my lovelies! Valentine’s Day has just passed and I hope you all had a lovely time, no matter what you did to celebrate. The next big event coming up in the year is of course St Patrick’s Day and as it is my first year away from home, I’m excited to see how the celebrations will go.

I dont know about you but for me personally, the very notion of sporting a festive outfit for Paddy’s day and being clad in so much green is enough to conjure the most darkest of childhood memories. From the frumpy school uniforms we all had to wear growing up in Ireland to the cringey leprechaun costumes that flood retail displays this time of year, there’s something about the thought of the color green that so often feels so off-putting.

But looking festive on a day that celebrates our unique culture all over the world isn’t just about sporting a cringey “kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt in the Paddy’s Day parade. 

Today on La Dame Who Fell to Earth, we’ve teamed up with to bring you two looks that are equally festive as they are stylish. 

Outfit One: The Military Look

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For an outfit that is subtle yet still appropriate for Paddy’s Day, an essential piece of advice I can give you is to opt for the military look. Khaki is still green after all right?

If you want to join the military trend brigade and sport this style yourself, then I should let you know that it’s pretty easy to become part of the crew. In order to get accepted all you need to have is three must-have items. The first one is a maxi or knee-length coat in any earthy or neutral colour that you prefer.

Lately in Paris, tartan coats have been a trend that have captured the hearts of all of the city’s most elite fashionistas. When I saw this one on the prettylittlething website, I just fell head over heels for it’s oversized boyfriend fit, it’s ever so alluring masculine cut, not to mention the fact that it just exudes class. 

The next essential to your military look is of course the colour khaki. Here, I paired this simple olive-green t-shirt with a mesh body just to add a little something extra to the outfit. I’ve always been a huge fan of combining the colours khaki and black. Especially when it comes to mixing materials such as the mesh on the bodysuit and the leather in the trousers I’m wearing. What I love about this is that it creates a look that is both edgy and alluring, while also hinging on a darker sense of style too.

Not only does this look feel mega empowering to wear, it’s also one that will never go out of style. I mean how can long coats, thigh-high boots and baker boy hats ever fail to make you look a million bucks? These pieces are all equally as fun to style as they are easy to incorporate into a look that is perfect not only for everyday wear but also for St Patrick’s Day too.

Outfit Two: Celtic Queen



Find more coats and jackets on PrettyLittleThing here

This second outfit draws inspiration from a more traditional celtic look, but with a modern twist.

Whenever I think back to Ireland and the typical image of the celtic heroine I’ve always aspired to be, the signature items that tend to come to mind are black lace, the colour green and a touch of gold. At heart, the typical celtic woman is a bohemian and though there may be multiple sources of inspiration that spark our unique style, Ireland’s rolling green hills over its mythical landscape and the glamorous warrior queens of our famous celtic folklore, or even just the typical Irish dancing outfit, to name a few, there can be no doubt that the combination of black, lace and emerald green is a match made in heaven for creating a look that is not only rich and luxurious, but also one that is quintessentially tied to the Irish tradition and no doubt, perfect for St Patrick’s Day.

The signature piece of today’s look is of course this emerald green lace-up skirt. Paired with some thigh-high boots, it creates a look that is just so playful and fun while all the same adding a little bit of a seductive vibe which makes this outfit perfect for any party. A top tip for when it comes to puling off the color green on Paddy’s Day is to pair it with a color scheme that is classy and above all, neutral. Opting for creams, greys and particularly black will make for a look that is both elegant and refined, while going for gold with your accessories will not only add that extra bit of luxe and sparkle to your style, it’ll also make it so much more festive too.

And that’s it for my Paddy’s Day outfits. I really hope it gave you guys some ideas of how you can celebrate while looking good. If you guys liked the outfits you can find the links to absolutely everything I was wearing below or over on

That’s all from me for now.  Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post!

~Amanda xx

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Outfit One


 Coat                                               T-Shirt                               Body                               Trousers (Similar)                 Hat                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Similar)

Outfit Two

plt 2.jpg

 Coat                                        Body   (Similar)                                       Skirt                               Boots (Similar)


FTC -Thank you for sending me the clothes for free.

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