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What I Bought In The Sales 


Now that the January sales are in full here swing in Paris, I really couldn’t wait to show you guys some new skin care products and makeup that I recently got to try. If you follow me over on my Instagram then you’ve probably already heard some of my thoughts on these through my vlogs. However today I thought I’d write a blogpost so that I could talk to you about these in a little more detail.


Urban Decay Hot Damn Holiday Box

The first thing I got that I absolutely fell in love with was this amazing makeup set from Urban Decay. It has almost all the essentials you need for a complete makeup look including a mascara, two eyeliners, lipstick, a setting spray and even a mini Naked 2 palette.


Naked 2 Basics

As far as the eyeshadow goes, it’s perfect for an everyday look. The colours are so soft and natural and the fact that the palette is small enough to fit in just about any handbag really makes it such a handy thing to have. Ever since my love affair with makeup began back in high school, I’ve always been a sucker for the Naked Palette, particularly the Naked 3 and Naked Heat.

That said though,the 2 is perfect for achieving a look that is a bit more natural and subtle. It’s perfect for days when you want to give your eyes a bit of a lift without going too heavy on the eyeshadow. And here in Paris where girls typically tend to opt for more minimalist makeup looks, there is no palette more perfect for the city.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Next in the package was this amazing red lipstick from the Vice collection. Not gonna lie, for the longest time now I’ve been looking for a classic red shade and I just couldn’t find the perfect one until now. The pigment is just perfect. It’s a lovely dark red that doesn’t look too berry or too brown and it’s pretty resistant throughout the day. Especially when I’m eating or drinking, which was so impressive!


Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

There was also two eyeliners included in the box, a glittery gold one and a simple kohl pencil. As for the glitter eyeliner, it’s rare that I can wear this type of liner on its own as the pigment is never really strong enough for me. But as a finishing touch to add a little sparkle to your look, especially for a night out, it’s always a lovely way to complete your makeup.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

The final items in the Urban Decay set were the Perversion Mascara and All Nighter Setting SprayThis is an absolute savior for long days where you have to wear a lot of heavy makeup, dates where you want to keep a fresh-looking face and for evenings out with friends too. If like me you struggle with your makeup looking oily over time then I would definitely recommend this spray as it prevents the effects of both sweat and humidity from causing your makeup to appear greasy. However it does contain quite a lot of alcohol so I wouldn’t recommend using it too frequently on your skin as it could be quite drying if used in excess. But every now and again when you need your makeup to look impeccable over long periods of time, it’s the perfect little companion.


Benefit Porefessional Primer

The next thing I got was a small tube of the Benefit Porefessional Primer. As far as primers go, I usually like to use colour correcting ones, but for days when I feel like my pores are appearing exceptionally large, this is my go-to. The consistency is quite liquidy so it spreads fairly evenly over the face, leaving behind a smooth finish. Honestly if you don’t use primer you have no idea what you’re lacking in your foundation game. Your makeup just glides on so much more flawlessly and your skin will even thank you for the extra bit of moisture too. As Benefit is quite a high end brand, this was a steal for only €8 at Sephora so I definitely recommend trying it out if you come across it.


Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack Mask/ Egg Mask Soap

If you had the opportunity to read my 2017 Beauty Favourites post then you’d know that last year I really fell in love with a Korean Beauty brand called Too Cool For School, particularly their Egg Mousse Soap. So of course when I saw this duo that came with both the cleanser and the Egg Mousse Facial Mask in the sale, I just had to nab it. You can read my review of the cleanser here, but the mask is honestly among one of the most interesting I’ve ever used.

While it stays on your face you can actually feel the product seeping into your pores. Not going to lie when I say that it does feel very weird and a little uncomfortable at first but in the end it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed, nourished and replenished that it’s definitely worth it.


Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

The final thing I tried and loved was the Tony Moly AppleTox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream. The reason why I have been obsessing over this is not just because it smells just like apple candy but also because it moisturizes and gently exfoliates your skin at the same time. When you massage it into your skin, you can literally see the dead skin cells falling off of your face as your fingers move with the product.

The reason I love this mask so much is because even though it removes the dead skin from your face, it’s gentle enough that it doesn’t make your skin look red and irritated like most exfoliators do. Instead it just leaves it feeling so lovely, silky and smooth.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 20.54.32

And that’s it for this Sephora Haul! Here is my completed makeup look with all the products after having used the masks.

Have you guys taken advantage of the sales yet? I’d love to hear about the products you’ve been loving.

As usual links to everything from Sephora are listed above. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and I’ll see you very soon in my next post!

~Mandy xx

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      Awwww im so delighted! ❤️✨ thank you so much my dear! It was the first time I tried out the lipstick so I was quite worried but I’m glad you like it! Thanks so much for reading 💖x


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