Christmas 2017 Haul + Recommendations

Some Things I Thought You Might Like


Out of all the holidays we get throughout the year there can be no doubt that the Christmas break is by far the most important time to relax and recover some energy before heading into the bustle of the New Year.

In today’s blogpost I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I got for Christmas that I have been enjoying while I cosy up by the fire back in my family home in Ireland. While some of these things concern fashion and beauty most actually fall into the entertainment category so I really think you’ll find some things you love in today’s post. Let’s start!

Ladurée Macarons


Leaving Paris and returning to Ireland for the winter break has made me miss France so much already. Even though I couldn’t be happier to be home, it really feels like I left my heart in Paris, and probably much more precisely, in the patisserie.

What always amazes me about Ladurée is the manner in which this decadent house of haute-cuisine combines fashion and food in the most colourful way. It’s often that I see them described as the “haute couture” of the pastry world and it couldn’t be more true. Ladurée’s confections are like little works of art between their colorful cakes, beautifully designed boxes and of course their mouth-watering macarons.

Honestly if there is a Ladurée where you live (we even have one in Dublin now!) then I would definitely recommend popping in to fill up one of these elegant boxes with your choice of macarons and taking one of their signature teas (unique to the house) to go with it. New Years diets aside.

Chantal Thomass ~Sens Dessus Dessous


The autobiography of one of the greatest icons of french fashion and glamour. The story of Chantal Thomass is both energizing and inspiring as she describes her rebellious youth, the way in which she pushed boundaries and challenged society’s idea of femininity in her day to create her legendary fashion brand. What’s so interesting about her life is that she came from a completely normal family in France, had no formal training in fashion design, yet had overwhelming success as a couturière both in Paris and all throughout her lifetime. Her life story is just so incredible and the book offers such uplifting insights on life that come straight from the mind of the incredible woman herself.

Unfortunately this recommendation is a little more leaning towards my french speaking followers as I don’t believe an english translation has been released yet. But if you speak French or at least can read it then I would definitely suggest you give this a read, especially if you’re interested in fashion.

Shuzo Oshimi ~The Flowers of Evil 


The next two items in the haul are actually manga comics. The first is called The Flowers of Evil and the story is quite dark, eery and thrilling.

When the young high school student,Takao Kasuga secretly steals the gym uniform of one of his fellow female students, a hysteria begins to run rampage in the school in search of the anonymous thief and pervert stealing clothes from the female students. Filled with self-hate and remorse for his impulsive crime, Takao decides to keep his theft a secret from his classmates to avoid humiliation. However the story becomes immensely complicated, dark and disturbing when Sawa Nakamura, a girl in his class reveals she saw him stealing and begins to blackmail him on a consistent basis in exchange for not letting his secret out.

I don’t want to give too much away but if you enjoy horror manga or stories that have a bit more of an edge to them, then I would definitely recommend reading The Flowers of Evil.

Kei Sanbe ~ Erased



Erased is a thrilling fantasy that revolves around the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a 29 year-old down-and-out manga artist. When an incident occurs threatening the life of his mother, Satoru uses his power to turn back time to return to the past in an attempt to prevent her untimely death. However he somehow finds himself 18 years in the past just before the disappearance of one of his old classmates. Determined to solve the mystery, Satoru aims to prevent these tragedies in his life from occurring, only to be met with unexpected obstacles along the way.

2018 Agenda


The next thing that I got was a 2018 Agenda for the coming year. This one if from paperchase. One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more organized and to start journalling more. It’s such a great way of clearing your thoughts and becoming more productive.

Detachable Camera Lenses

Capture d’écran 2017-12-26 à 20.24.10.png

These camera lenses attach and detach onto your phone. They really are the perfect gift to yourself or for that friend who is obsessed with instagramming. These ones are from Urban Outfitters and since being in Ireland and snapping photos for my blog I’ve really enjoyed playing around with them. Especially the wide angle lens and the macro one for taking close up shots. As a blogger having something like this is so handy because it means I can work without having to bring my heavy camera everywhere with me. And it adds something different to my iPhone shots which is always nice for a change.

Benefit ~Galifornia Love Kit

IMG_6186Capture d_écran 2017-12-26 à 20.49.21

At Christmas time I always love to get my hands on makeup kits. It’s always a great way of trying new products and a cost effective one too. This one is the Galifornia Love kit from Benefit. It contains the Roller Lash mascara, High Brow, brow lift pencil and Galifornia blush.


The Galifornia Blush is a really beautiful soft pink/coral colour which has a really sweet and cheery glow I think.


The High Brow pencil is for highlighting and lifting your brow bone. It’s very matte and natural looking which is great for creating the illusion of a higher brow arch as it doesn’t make the highlight look too overwhelming.

Stay Home Club Long-Sleeve Tee

petit chagrin

And the final thing I just couldn’t wait to share with you was this adorable long-sleeve loose-fit shirt from a brand that I have been obsessing over lately called Stay At Home Club.

If you like the aesthetic of clothing brands like Lazy Oaf and Valfre, then I really think you’d love this store because their focus is mainly on graphic designs, prints and clothing with cute slogans written on them. When I saw this particular shirt on their website, I just knew it was perfect for me. Written on the front is petit chagrin, which translates from French as little sadness. As soon as I saw it I just knew it had to be mine as everything about it from the lettering on the front to the graphic on the back was just too adorable. Worn with blue jeans and a beret, I think this outfit is really simple and really cute.

petit chagrin2

And that’s it for this post! I really hope you guys enjoyed! As usual links to everything are  embedded in the text above.

Did you all have a nice Christmas? Did you get anything cool you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

I hope you guys all enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a great week.

~Amanda xx

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