Hello October

An Autumnal Outfit of the Day (Featuring Topshop)


Between chai lattes, carving pumpkins and sweater weather, October has always been my favourite month of the year. There’s just something about the multi-coloured leaves drifting down from the brassy trees, the sunsets on the shorter evenings and the beginning of the colder weather that just radiates so much comfort and cosiness.

There can be no doubt that when Autumn arrives, one of the best things about the season is the feeling of wrapping up roastily and toastily in layers and layers of warm clothing. Not only just because it’s a super practical way of staying warm as the weather changes, but also because the more layers you add to your look, the more creative you can be with your outfit.


Last weekend I got to spend a misty Autumn day in the dreamy gardens of Versailles just outside of Paris. Although the weather was quite windy and damp, I can still think of no better place to visit for a breath of the fresh Fall air. The gardens here are insanely beautiful and the space is just so vast. With a good friend by your side, it’s easy to lose track of time and just wander around for hours.


Today’s outfit is all about showing some love for this amazing season, all while feeling warm, comforted and elegant and at the same time.

The main statement piece for this look is this ornate velvet wrap dress that is new from TopShop. The opulent baroque decor of The Versailles Palace was my inspiration in choosing a print that was a little more bold and elaborate.


To compliment this vibe, I wanted a fabric that exuded decadence, so opting for velvet was an obvious choice, especially bearing the cold weather in mind. I just love how the kaleidescopic shades of green and gold intertwine with the dark black and berry tones to create a colour scheme  that just shines in the autumn light.


I know that to a lot of people, it’s a bit of an unconventional fashion statement to wear this kind of a dress open as a sort of cape over an entirely different outfit rather than to just keep it closed as a dress. And that’s exactly why I balanced things out by wearing all black underneath. Personally, I just love to wear wrap dresses in this way. It’s the perfect fashion formula for anyone wishing to add that little bit of extra drama and flare to your look and the asymettrical cut of this dress really helps the entire outfit flow I think.


Something I always love doing when coming up with outfits is playing with the idea of contrast between textures, patterns, styles and time periods. In this case a black leather mini-skirt was the perfect piece in juxtaposing the elegant Renaissance feel of the dress with a type of modern edginess. This one is also from Topshop and I’m in love with how the metal detailing all along the zip and buckles gives it a really chic and expensive look.

versailles 8

Of course no outfit of mine (or that of any Parisian) would be complete without a scarf. It was love at first sight for me the minute I found this beautiful black one in Topshop. Ever since I bought it last week, it’s gone everywhere with me. The fact that it’s black means that it goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and the softness of the wool makes it so cuddly and warm. It’s perfect for the colder weather.


And finally our outfit is complete with a pair of studded flat ankle boots which are perfect for pacing around the gardens. Though on a rainy day the ground can be quite muddy so be sure to bring an old pair if you plan on going when it’s wet!)

versailles 7

And that’s it for this outfit post! Thank you guys so much for reading. And thank you @kaelanmccone for being my photographer for the day.

As usual links to everything are embedded in the text above. I hope you guys are doing well and I’ll see you very soon in my next post.


~Amanda xx

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