OOTD + Trip to Versailles

New Outfit, Who Dis?


It feels like a while since I last made an outfit post for you guys. To be honest, things have just been so hectic since the run-up to moving to France so I haven’t really had the time to go out and shoot any fashion pics at all. Recently enough though I had the opportunity to visit the Palace of Versailles just outside of Paris. Because the location is just so beautiful and dazzling beyond words, I decided to take the opportunity to show you guys one of my absolute favourite go-to outfits at the moment.


If you’ve been following my blog since Christmastime last year, you’d know that over the course of F/W 2016 I developed a pretty strong obsession with wrap dresses, particularly the ones out of TopShop. And this year it looks like they’re making a comeback! Hooray!

My Outfit: Dress ~TopShop/ Jeans ~ TopShop/ Bag ~ Accessorize/ Shades ~River Island     Flats ~ New Look

What I love the most about this type of dress is not only are they  feminine and flattering to all body shapes and sizes, there are also so many ways you can wear them. My personal favourite thing to do whenever I find one with a cool pattern or an interesting fabric is to wear it open, almost like a jacket over an entirely different outfit. This one in particular is my absolute favourite thing in my wardrobe right now because the night sky contrasted with the different shooting stars and constellations on top of the silky fabric really puts across some serious cosmic/David Bowie vibes. And that’s always a plus for me.



Look at how beautiful the gardens are!

Usually with an outfit like this I would opt for some metallic boots or at least a pair of platforms to create a harmony between the rock n’roll feel of the ripped jeans and the wrap dress. I know most people will disagree with me when I say this, but in Paris it’s much too hot for that kind of attire right now. At least for an Irish person used to jumpers and cold weather all four seasons a year! Plus, walking around the Palace of Versailles and especially the Gardens is very exacting on your feet. So for the purpose of this trip, I added a little sweetness to the look with a pair of ballerina flats and a white lace top instead.



Honestly if you’re ever in Paris and you get the chance to visit Versailles, it definitely is worth checking out. I’ve been to a lot of European castles, landmarks and museums in the past number of years and the Palace of Versailles definitely is one of the most special to me. Each room is more decadent than the last and seeing the ornate decor, colourful paintings and furnishings all throughout the palace is really inspiring if you’re into art, fashion or interior decorating in any way.


So that’s it for this outfit/travel post. Now that I’m in France I can’t help but feel a bit unsure about the direction of my blog so it would be really cool if you guys would let me know in the comments the type of content you would like to see!

That’s all from me for now. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post.


~Love Mew xx



2 thoughts on “OOTD + Trip to Versailles

  1. MEW

    Thank you so much! ✨❤️Ah so more locations and outfits in Paris then? 🙂 hahaha DIY is not exactly my forte but as soon as I come up with some ideas I’ll post them! ✨xx


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