Z For Accessorize (Part Two)

I’m Doing Another Jewellery Haul!


Hey everyone! Today I’m here with another Accessorize Haul for you guys. I know it hasn’t been long since I last did one of these but I know a lot of you seemed to really like the last one I did, plus recently I have been spending a lot of time obsessing over gold and rose gold jewellery. I guess I’m just really excited for the autumn colours to start blossoming and the anticipation of the new season is really being reflected in my style!


As the autumn season draws nearer and the leaves grow more golden, there is nothing better than sporting outfits that lean heavy on rich browns, taupes and blush colour schemes. I feel like gold and rose gold are the perfect colours to wear to really bring out the autumn hues in your outfits. Not only this but as the weather gets colder, wearing warmer colours is just so comforting. I can’t wait to be wearing the rings I’m about to show you with a warm cup of hot chocolate clasped between my hands!

Are you ready to see what I got? Let’s start!


In case it wasn’t obvious by now, rings are an obsession of mine, especially stack rings. They make any pair of hands look so feminine and flattering, and are always a great way of adding that little bit of extra glamour to your look.  These ones in particular are just so detailed, dainty and pretty. The one on the far left is probably my favourite. It looks like a shooting star that wraps in a spiral around your finger and it has a small gem in each of the stars at either end. The other two sets in the centre, (the gold and the rose gold ones) are all different shapes, woven together really elaborately with sparkling gems scattered all over them, while the set on the far right is the same ring in three different colours, gold, rose gold and silver. Honestly I love wearing all of these rings together. They’re just really beautiful.


Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Gold and rose gold always look great together!


Next I got a pink ribbon choker that has a gold chain running across it. At first I thought this was two pieces of jewellery but it’s actually all the one thing which is really handy. I love the soft colour of this and I think it looks super elegant and cute.




These earrings  are the next thing I got. I always have had a thing for dangly earrings but these ones are unlike anything I have already. I usually have a tendency to go for more heavier, statement pairs but these are very lightweight and very subtle so they’re very comfortable too. They’d be perfect for an evening out or to wear somewhere fancy I think.

IMG_3942Next I got this sparkly moon necklace. Look how adorable it is! It even has a little star at the end of it so it’s a perfect match with the gold bracelet and choker I featured in my last haul. I love the motifs of moons and stars, especially during the darker autumn days. I feel like they offer a really mystical and enchanting vibe and I think that’s what is so cool about them.


And the final item of the haul is this beautiful little rose gold bracelet. Not all that dissimilar to the bracelets I got in my last post, I know, but there was just something really charming about it. I love dainty, light bracelets on thin chains like these and the rose gold was just too pretty to resist!

So that’s it for tonight’s post! Thank you guys so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed. As usual links to everything I could find are embedded in the pink text above. I couldn’t find everything on their website because I bought it in store. But it’s all their new season stuff so it definitely is still available.

I hope you’re all having a great week so far and I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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