OOTD ~The Beach

Enjoying the Sun


Hey guys! Welcome back to another outfit post here on our blog. I realise it’s been a while since I last made a post focusing on just one sole outfit so today I thought I’d do just that. I also felt like updating you a little bit on what I have been doing this past week (before the stormy weather came the other day of course.)


Rain or shine, the beach is definitely one of my favourite places to be. Being a person who grew up in a seaside town located right on the coast of an island, I’ve always found something so comforting about the waves tipping over the shore, the spray on a stormy day and the crunch of the pebbles under my feet. So of course, spending my days relaxing here and going for long walks over the sand was the obvious choice when the weather has been as sunny as it is now.tumblr_osby10n0WN1raoljxo2_1280tumblr_osd0arPU4A1vmonqjo6_1280tumblr_oscz6kRC5B1raoljxo4_1280.jpg

For today’s outfit, I’m all about that gingham trend. This loose off-the-shoulder top is extremely bright, breezy and breathable so it’s ideal for the warmer weather. You might remember it from my Korean Fashion Haul on YouTube! My favourite thing about it is of course the fact that the cut allows me to feel the rays of sunshine hitting my shoulders and back whenever I wear it. The buttons are super handy because you can wear the blouse open with a top underneath if you want to get more creative with your outfit. (But today I just wanted to be chill.)


Even though it may seem kinda weird to be wearing jeans (and ankle boots of all things) to the beach, it still isn’t quite warm enough for shorts and sandals… at least in my books anyway. Instead I love to rock my favourite ripped jeans from River Island. They’re super stylish and super stretchy so you can eat as much ice-cream as you want in them without having to worry about them feeling too tight. I feel like a nice pair of jeans is often the answer to any outfit dilemma and I just love how laid-back and casual this look is.

And just in case it wasn’t obvious from my recent blogposts and lookbooks that I’ve been obsessed with tiny purses lately, I of course had to incorporate this adorable mini-handbag from Accessorize. The size is just perfect for those days when you don’t want to carry too many things out with you, but still make your outfit look complete.


And that’s it for my outfit of the day! Nothing too elaborate I know. But really I’ve just been trying to make the most of the stress-free summer days and opting for a more casual look really helps to embrace that vibe I think.


Thank you guys so much for reading. I can’t wait to see you again in my next post. In the meantime I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!


~Amanda xx


3 thoughts on “OOTD ~The Beach

  1. kittyp0p

    That top 😍 love this post altogether, but THAT TOP! Super cute and perfect for sunny summer beach days. I’m gonna be packing today for my vacation and really wish I had something like it xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MEW

      Awww thank you so much! I’m happy you like the outfit and the top ^_^ it was super cheap on Yesstyle. I think maybe less than €10 ❤️ I’m so jealous you’re going on your holidays! I really hope you have a lovely vacation xx

      Liked by 1 person

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