I Went on a Day Trip to the Mount Usher Gardens

Another Adventure!


Last weekend I went to go shoot the first outfit for my upcoming denim lookbook on my channel. (Coming to the channel hopefully by Saturday week!)

Usually when I go to film a lookbook I do my best to choose the most interesting and scenic locations possible. They always translate really well in film and also it gives me the excuse to go out and see new places that I wouldn’t ordinarily go to.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.28.34

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.22.20

The Mount Usher Gardens were completely new to me before this weekend and I’m so happy I paid this place a visit. They definitely are one of the most enchanting places I’ve seen so far between Wicklow and Dublin. I really felt like a true forest fairy in this location! There is so much to explore between the vast expanse of the gardens and the long walk by the river. On a sunny day I can think of nowhere more pleasant to be.



The entrance of this place will really make you fall in love. There are so many quaint little boutiques, an art shop, a cafe, restaurant and bakery and even a treasure-trove furniture/home decor shop, which is a paradise for people like me who love feeling like they’re in a fairytale when they step into a home. This shop seriously has such an other-worldly vibe as well as some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen.


If you live near Dublin or plan on visiting the East Coast of Ireland then I would definitely recommend taking the drive down to Wicklow to spend your days in some of the arboretum. They call Wicklow “The Garden of Ireland” which, if you ask me is a pretty apt name because there are so many enchanting places and hidden gems like this to be found all over the county. There is also an Avoca there so you just know they have amazing food too.


So that’s all from me for today’s post. Honestly I wish I took more pictures of the gardens because they seriously were just too pretty for words. I’m so happy I got to film there though and when the lookbook is finally on our channel, you’ll be able to see just how cool these gardens are in motion!


Thank you guys so much for reading this post. I can’t wait to see you again in the next one!

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4 thoughts on “I Went on a Day Trip to the Mount Usher Gardens

    1. MEW

      This was literally just a short drive from where I live near Dublin and it’s such a hidden gem! ❤️ If you ever come to Ireland you should definitely eat cake at Avoca. The food is crazy yummy 😂 Xx

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