Cute Spring Haul: Forever 21

Sweet and Breezy, Comfortable and Girly Outfits

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Hey! It’s Mew. Today I’m back on the blog with a sweet and springy lookbook and haul for you guys.

You may think it’s kind of odd that only recently I have discovered the amazingness that is Forever 21. Believe it or not, it’s nowhere near as popular in Ireland as it is in other countries like the USA, so when I went on their website, I was really curious to check them out. And of course, they had such amazing things, I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive! Are you ready to see what I got? Let’s start!


I was happy to receive this package and to see Gudetama’s face peeping out at me.  I noticed when I was on their site that Forever 21 have some really cute Gudetama clothes at the moment, but this sweater was my absolute favourite thing of all. So comfy and casual.


I was really obsessed with the wrap dresses I bought in Topshop last Christmas, but now that I have found this one that stays closed, I am even more delighted! I’m not exactly sure why but I’m always really drawn to deep forest green shades like this. I just find the colour to be so mystical and enchanting. (Update: the green is sold out online but they might get it back soon)


When the weather gets warmer, you cannot go wrong with a simple white lace dress. It’s a little cold for this now but I’m equally happy to style it with a circle scarf, some tights and a pair of simple black boots for now. Dresses like these give off such a sweet and innocent look and lace always adds a such an elegant and romantic vibe.


I love how unusual the grid detailing is on this denim skirt. It’s so out of the ordinary, yet so flattering. A cute denim skirt is such a wardrobe essential for me, especially for spring. They add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull outfit, making it so effortlessly stylish and there’s not a thing they don’t look good with.


This next dress is probably my favourite thing in the entire haul. I love how sweet and cheerful the a-line cut is and how the belt adds a little something extra to the outfit. The long sleeves make it super comfy and the material is very light so it’s the perfect trans-seasonal piece ideal for layering. Styled with or without tights, an outfit like this just looks adorable and I can see myself wearing this outfit a lot once the weather gets a little warmer.


I loved the swingy cut of the last dress so much that I just had to get a similar one! Again this one also comes with a belt which is a nice detail. The fabric is rather clingy but the amazing thing about skater dresses is that they do wonders for flattering so many different body types. Being a petite girl with wide enough hips, it can be hard finding dresses that suit, but a simple a-line or skater cut will never fail you.


The last thing is kind of a basic enough piece but still an essential one for any wardrobe. Here, I’m wearing this black pleated tennis skirt (similar) with my favourite anime eyes tank top. Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of the fashion bloggers inspired by Japanese trends wearing this kind of skirt in their photos, so of course I had to match it with some anime vibes and my Sailor Moon tights. Obviously you don’t have to style a tennis skirt in this way at all, you can go for a much more refined or even a sporty look if you wish. That’s how diverse these types of skirts are!

So these were all of the things I bought in Forever 21. Honestly, I’m so happy because they really do make for such lovely outfits. As usual links for everything are embedded in the text above. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post!


~Love Mew xx

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