A Little Thought On Being an Introvert


For a long time now I have been following this really cool clothing store on Instagram called Inu Inu. They do a lot of really cute graphic prints on t-shirts and hoodies as well as a lot of other adorable little pieces of nerdy clothing with a kind of kawaii/tumblr type of aesthetic.

As soon as I saw this sweatshirt with the Boo from Mario on it, I really fell so in love with the graphic and the caption that I just had to add it to my wardrobe, and of course, I have been wearing it to death ever since. It’s just so comfy and cosy (the inside has a really fluffy lining) and it looks super stylish over denim and cord too. The pink skirt I am wearing in this post is available from Topshop here.

The reason why this had such an impact on me I guess is because I really felt like I could relate to the graphic on this jumper. The further I have gone through life, the quieter I have become.



As a kid I used to love being the centre of attention but the older I got and especially at the start of secondary school, I always felt so isolated and so alone because my interests were so different to those of my classmates and often to the people in my closest friend groups. Because of this, rather than talking to anyone at lunch or going to PE classes, I would sneak into the art room instead and spend hours just sketching my favourite video game and anime characters and using the supplies to create obscure paintings and sculptures. I got an A in all my art exams while I was in that school and I really owe that to the days I spent by myself just painting and listening to music alone at lunchtime.


I think this is why I love clothes with prints like this on them. I used to spend so much time drawing and painting characters just like this and I really love how that love for video games, that shyness and that awkwardness can translate into fashion. Clothes like these remind me so much of school and the days when I was especially shy. And I still am to this day.


But I don’t regret being shy. I’ve always felt nervous being around other people, I stumble over my words and I never know what to say so I just prefer to be alone. And in many ways I don’t mind. No matter how many parties or social events I may have missed out on while I was sitting at my lamplit desk or scribbling in my notebook in my pyjamas, I will always be grateful for my choice to stay indoors. In many ways social anxiety has always been a creative outlet for me and I would never have gained some of the most amazing skills and fulfilling hobbies that I have in my life now if it weren’t for my experience with it.


Being an introvert isn’t something you should ever try to change about yourself, in fact it’s something that should be cultivated and embraced. I discovered my love of art, blogging and even fashion from it but it took me a really long time that being shy wasn’t something that needed to be cured.


I kinda made this blogpost to reach out to all my fellow quiet internet people out there.  Being an introvert can be really gratifying at times, especially when you can find cute clothes to match your personality!

So that’s all from me for now. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post.


~Love Mew xx

4 thoughts on “OOTD ~Shy

    1. MEW

      Aww thank you so much for reading :’) The sweatshirt is super comfy haha ^_^ That’s so true! It’s kind of comforting in a weird way to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with this and that so many other people do too. But you’re so right! The internet is such a great place for shy people to express themselves and it’s really gratifying when you find nice people too ^_^ ❤️

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