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Hey! It’s Mew.

As you probably know by now from previous blogposts, I have been completely and utterly in love with my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, so today I thought that I would share a quick tutorial with you!

Not gonna lie, it did take me some time to get used to wearing a lot of the colours in this palette because peachy shades were just so unusual for me in the beginning. But now, having experimented with a number of shades as well as creating various colour combinations, I finally managed to come up with a really killer everyday look that I think you’re really going to love. Are you ready to get going with the tutorial? Let’s start!


Here are all of the products I used. The first thing you’ve probably noticed is that I skipped out on foundation and concealer completely. This is mainly because I don’t like using heavy makeup that much, especially when I’m going through phases of having relatively clear skin. Instead I just kept with my usual moisturising routine and used my Too Faced Selfie Powders to matify my complexion and remove shine. These powders give your face a really even photo finish, which of course is picked up by the camera in such a flattering way. Plus it’s super handy that the kit has a bronzing powder in there too.


The first step in creating this look is to apply your powder and fill in your eyebrows. This set by Soap & Glory comes with both a blonde and brunette shade that you can blend together according to the colour you’re going for. It also comes with a primer and highlighter to give the illusion of a higher brow bone.


Now onto the eyeshadow! You can see here that I’ve arranged them numerically, starting with the colours you’ll be applying first.


Begin by dusting white peach all over your eyelids and up as far as your brow bone. This is going to act as your base and it’ll really help the rest of your eyeshadow look a lot more vibrant later.


Taking the peaches ‘n cream shade, apply it all over your eyelids and up as far as your crease before blending it in. Next, dab some of the nectar shade on your brush and dust that all over your lids, your inner corners and blend it really well into your crease.


The just peachy shade is the one you’re going to want to use next. I applied this from the centre of my eyelid and towards my outer corners. . When worn together I really think that these each of these shades combine to create a really romantic, sunset-like kind of spectrum which is just so sweet and dreamy in my mind.


The final shade I applied was the candied peach colour. This shade definitely completes the peachy look because it’s just so bright, fun and vibrant. With this shade I simply applied it to my outer corner and drew a wing. Then I blended it into my crease and my lower lash line.

tumblr_oklzudakqc1raoljxo6_1280tumblr_oklzudakqc1raoljxo5_1280Bringing your eyeshadow outwards and just beyond your outer corners will give the illusion of bigger, more elongated, anime-like eyes. Do you see the difference already? I always find that it’s also a great way of adding a little more depth and drama to your eyes. ^_^

The very last step in this makeup look is just to apply your regular winged eyeliner and mascara. Some coral lipstick works particularly well as a finishing touch and it really compliments the look and makes the colour scheme you just created even more vibrant and flattering. The one I’ve been loving at the moment is this one by Soap & Glory.


So this was my everyday peachy makeup look. I really hope that it was easy for you to follow and that you’ll try it out too!


Thank you guys so much for reading and let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more makeup tutorials. ^_^

This is all from me for now but i’ll see you very soon in my next post!


~Love Mew xx

3 thoughts on “Sweet Peach Makeup Tutorial

    1. MEW

      Aww thank you so much! You’re so sweet haha :3❤️ I have been dying to try the rest of the collection since using the eyeshadows too! I’ve been playing around with coral shades a lot lately but the blushes that too faced have just look so cute! Maybe soon I’ll try them out ^_^✨


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