A Chill Day

A Chatty Post


Hey! It’s Mew.

I had such great plans for today work-wise but for whatever reason they didn’t really work out too well. Instead I thought I’d take you with me on a relaxing day!

My days always begin by taking the time to chill a little bit. It always takes me so long to feel awake in the morning so usually I just stay in bed with a cup of tea and a generous amount of netflix until I feel ready to begin my work and actually get up. This morning I watched a really entertaining J-Drama called Mischievous Kiss. There’s also a Korean version on Netflix called Playful Kiss! I love dramas and cheesy love stories like these. They just make me smile and laugh so much.


Also how cool are these adorable little pokemon pyjamas? I found them in Primark over the weekend and as soon as I saw them I couldn’t wait to have them to wear around the house. So cute.


The first thing I decided to do today was to go for a walk by the sea. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to go outside more so today I did just that. I’ve always loved the fact that I live so close to the beach and during the winter and during the week especially, the whole area is practically deserted. Today there was such a lovely mist in the air and there were no people around, though I realise that may have made my photos turn out slightly creepy! But nonetheless it was so peaceful and so so pretty.


Originally I had planned to shoot some outfit pics in this really cool area that has an old medieval Irish church, all in ruins with a graveyard of equal age just beside it. But unfortunately when I arrived there, people were already using the location to film something so I wasn’t able to take my photographs.




These are the shots I did take however. I know they’re not great but I thought I would show you the clothes anyway. The bronze cardigan is from Primark, the silver one is from H&M and the scarf as well as the gold and silver jewellery is from Accessorize. I just love how some sparkle in your outfit can lift your mood on dark days like these.



Although I didn’t get the shots I wanted, I did get to see some ponies which made everything better.

Fast forwarding to the night, I did some work for my online course. (I’m studying to get a certificate in fashion.) Then I watched Love Live! School Idol Project which is a really cute anime that I have been loving lately.


So even though today wasn’t really all that productive, I still had a really lovely time getting out in the fresh air and having the opportunity to relax a little.

Did you do anything fun today? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

That’s all from me for now! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in our next post.


~Love Mew xx

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