Soap and Glory Haul!

A huge beauty and makeup haul!


For a while now, Soap and Glory have been one of my absolute favourite beauty brands out there. Their products are super luxurious yet affordable and they always arrive wrapped in the most adorable packaging I’ve ever seen!

Many of their products, especially when it comes to their makeup are must-haves for me and their beauty and bath line is just so lovely for pampering yourself.

Are you ready to look at the haul with me? Let’s start!

Clean on Me Shower Cream + Righteous Body Butter


I wanted the first thing I tell you about to be this shower cream because since buying it, it has become my absolute favourite of all time. My skin feels so nourished after using it and I just adore its fresh and flowery aroma. I have to say, getting out of a hot shower and diving into clean sheets after using this is just so heavenly! It makes you smell really sweet as well so its perfect to use before going somewhere special.

Pairing this with the righteous body butter made my skin feel incredibly young and soft. What really appeals to me about the body butter is the fact that its specially formulated to help very dry skin and it smells just like a vanilla dessert!

Scrub of Your Life 


The next thing I got was the Scrub of Your Life body exfoliator. I always love how much polishing your skin with a good body scrub can transform your mood and the way you feel about life.

Hand Food


As soon as I saw the ingredients of this,( shea butter, macademia oil and marshmallow) I got so excited. I love the softening effects of these three things as well as the additional sweetness brought about by the marshmallow.

During the winter months the skin on my hands tends to get really hard and dry but this cream was perfect for nourishing and softening while all at the same time making my hands smell like sweets. Hooray!

Heel Genius Foot Cream


This foot cream is an amazing solution to cracked heels. If you apply it overnight and sleep with a pair of socks on, the cream works like a mask to gradually soften your feet. In the morning I was really impressed with how silky it made me feel. Also, it kinda smells like oranges which is such a nice scent to have on your feet!

Full Sparks


This was a Christmas gift set that was leftover in Boots and because it was half price. I just had to see what was inside!


Immediately I fell in love with the Candy Queen lipgloss. It’s a really neutral, yet sparkly pink shade which is always a good staple, but what really won me over was the taste! If you live in Ireland or the UK then you’d know what I mean when I say that it tastes like the inside of a pink Cadbury’s rose. But if not, it has a really rosy candy taste to it which is super hard not to eat!

It also comes with a shimmering body lotion which leaves a light and glittery glimmer on the surface of your skin while also leaving it moisturised at the same time. Lovely!

Daily Youth Moisturiser


A really light yet effective moisturiser that never fails to leave my skin feeling super smooth and super radiant. I really love this moisturiser because it targets multiple skin problems without it feeling greasy or oily when you wear it. Now that I am twenty and living a busy life between commuting, working long hours and running around the city centre, I need a moisturiser that’s anti-aging, anti-tiredness and anti-redness. So far, I’ve really been loving using this in the morning. It’s like casting a shield over my face from the damaging factors of everyday life.

Vitamin C Facial Wash


If you’re a victim of dull skin then I would definitely recommend this face wash. As soon as I used it I noticed an immediate difference in the overall vitality of my skin. I found that it is really purifying, non-drying and great for removing makeup or just giving your skin a deep clean.


Now onto the thing I’m most excited show you which of course is the makeup!

So many of these products have become staples in my daily routine because the quality is seriously outstanding and really similar to that of a lot of high end products I use.


My favourite thing ever is the Supercat EyelinerI don’t know what it is about it (maybe the angle of the brush?) that makes it so quick and easy to apply. Getting both eyes to have a super sharp wing and more importantly to actually be symmetrical is just so simple with this. I’m so happy I discovered it!


The next thing I got and fell in love with was the Thick and Fast Mascara which consists of a collagen-rich formula -perfect  for creating dramatic eyes and a false lash effect. If I was to compare it to any mascara I’ve used before, I’d say it’s a lot like Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. You don’t need to apply all that much of it to acquire super long and voluptuous lashes that will last all day long.


I use the D.I.Y Brow Archery on a daily basis to fill in my eyebrows and I really don’t see myself changing products any time soon. Inside the kit there are two small brushes and a spooly for shaping and structuring your brows as well as a primer for maintaining the shape, a highlighter to create the illusion of a higher brow bone as well as a dark brown and a blonde shade that you can blend into your brows according to whatever looks most natural on you. This kit is just so amazing, natural looking and it lasts all day long. I’ve never once had to touch up my brows with it on.


The last thing I got in the way of makeup was these four Sexy MotherPucker lipsticks which I have seriously been loving. The colours are just so pretty and they glide on so smoothly and evenly. As you can see in the swatches they are quite chalky and matte in consistency which is great for creating a soft and subdued look.

Swatches left to right; Rosy chic , You Say Tomato (Red), 5th Avenude Matte, Pommie Girl

My favourite of them all has got to be this one which is a really rich berry colour, although I love the beige because it’s so different to what I would normally wear!

So this was everything in my Soap and Glory haul. This isn’t a sponsored post I just really like the brand and wanted to share it with you! Have you ever used their products before? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below ❤

That’s all from me for now. As always, links for everything are embedded in the text above. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post!


~Love Mew xx

3 thoughts on “Soap and Glory Haul!

  1. Lyne

    Wow this is really huge ahah. I’ve seen this brand in London too, I didn’t know if it was worth the shot (and I couldn’t bring them back, yay airplane limitation) but the packaging is absolutely lovely ! Now that I read your blogpost I really wanna try and buy a few of their body product and the eyeliner ^_^ Thanks for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MEW

      Aww thank you so much for saying that :’) The eyeliner is really good! Definitely the best I have used in a long time ^_^ You can get little travel sized bottles of some of their products that I’m sure you could bring on the plane with you ❤ Haha their packaging is what drew me in at first but the actual products are seriously amazing too! Thank you so much for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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