OOTD ~Always Darker Days…

…Before Brighter Ones


Hey! It’s Mew ❤

Today’s outfit believe it or not, is inspired by Dublin’s December weather. It’s funny. Usually in Ireland, December is one of the darkest, dreariest and coldest months of the year, where the wind and rain seem almost perpetual. But lately the days, although dark, have been so pleasant and calm in comparison to what they usually are. To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s going on but I’m pretty happy about it!

The last breath of Autumn is surely lingering in the air, so in light of that, I thought I’d share an outfit with you that was slightly fall-themed but at the same time, cute, innocent and youthful, and as always, bright and cheery.


This year I’ve been utterly enamoured by the autumn/winter trends, especially when it comes to florals and rosy shades of blushing pink. The main statement piece of today’s outfit is this wonderfully vibrant, printed cord skirt from Topshop. As soon as I tried this on, I knew it was instantly going to become one of my absolute favourite things in my wardrobe. The fit is just so comfy and flattering and the a-line cut means that it easily goes with almost anything you wear on top! (Plus how can you not adore those neat little buttons?)


This skirt really brings so much more life to an outfit because of the print. It’s amazing how eye-catching and animated it looks. Plus the outfit is just so bright that you can always wear something relatively plain on top and it will always look like you made so much more of an effort than you actually did.

As for the jumper, it’s actually not available anymore unfortunately. But I found a really cute ruffly sweater that really elegantly matches the skirt on Topshop here and another adorable one really similar to the one I’m wearing (again from Topshop) here.



With regard to the coat, it’s actually thrifted! I purchased it from a seller on depop not too long ago and I have loved it so much ever since. ❤

In my next blogpost (coming Sunday, 8pm Irish time) I’ll be showing you a cute vintage haul and mini lookbook from Depop that I’m sure you’ll love. But until then…


~Love Mew xx


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