November Favourites

My Favourite Things this Month

The end of the month is finally upon us, which, as you know by now means that it’s time for another favourites post. As usual, I will be recommending some of my favourite things from November in the way of beauty, fashion and entertainment. Let’s start!

 Too Faced: Grand Hotel Café


I really loved Too Faced products and this is the first time I ever picked up one of their scented eyeshadow kits. I can honestly say though that they are definitely worth all the hype they receive.

The aroma that the makeup gives off is exactly identical to the scent of sweet Christmas blend speciality coffees and hot chocolates. And who doesn’t love the idea of their skin smelling that sweet? The makeup is such high quality too and the packaging is just adorable. I made a full review of this palette if you want to know more before buying it. You can check out the review here. or find the makeup on the Too Faced site here. ^_^

 Lush Fantasy Gold Eyeliner


Nothing gets us in the festive spirit quite like the colour gold. This eyeliner was just so rich and ornate looking, I couldn’t wait to try it as soon as I saw it. It really is a great little product for adding some winter cheer to an ordinary makeup look, or even a little bit of shimmer to your winged eyeliner.

 Lush Fairy Dust


If you’ve been on my blog for a while now, you’d know that I love anything that shimmers and sparkles. Similar to the goth fairy halloween bar that I mentioned in my lush haulthis adorable little pink potion also makes your skin gleam and glitter, leaving you with a beautiful iridescent glow.

Like all lush products, this one smells amazing. It’s just like sweets and candy floss, so of course it makes you smell like sweets and candy floss too!

 Asos Glittery Shoes


And now onto a fashion favourite! I’ve been looking for a pair of glittery shoes like these for a while now so when I finally found these on Asos, I was overjoyed! Throughout the month I have literally been wearing these everywhere. They’re just so comfy and sparkly and it’s amazing how much they brighten up these darker winter days. They’re literally like wearing Christmas lights on your feet!

 Terrace House


Next is a show on Netflix that I have really been loving ever since it first came out, and now that season two has landed, I have been glued to my couch watching it.

Seriously, this show makes me want to visit Japan so badly! It’s about six strangers that move into a house together in Tokyo. Observing their interactions as they get to know each other better and go on dates to theme parks, restaurants and other interesting places around Tokyo is so much fun. This is really the type of show you watch and wish it could be your life, it’s that good.

 The Haunting of Hill House


In last month’s Horror Book Club I talked about one of my favourite books ever; We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Recently I picked up another book by the same author and I’m really loving it.

The story is about a doctor who wishes to conduct an experiment investigating the supernatural, so he rents out a spooky old mansion that has a history of tragedy and murder. Following this, he invites three guests to stay with him, all of which who have suffered paranormal incidents at some stage in their lives.

Of course the story gets super scary as a result and reading it is a lot of fun, especially during the frightening scenes!

Death Note


This is my favourite anime of all time. And I really mean of all time. I know that most people have already seen this before, but lately this month I’ve been spending so much time obsessing over both the manga and the anime.

I just love the huge moral dilemma that the anime plunges us into between L and Light and it’s just so interesting to see how the cold war between them unfolds.


Even years after seeing this anime for the first time, it still shocks and surprises me in the same way. The entire show is just so clever and so brilliantly done. (Plus the main character is so cold, calculating, manipulative and pure evil, which is what really makes the show I think.) Any other Light fans out there? ^_^

 Tokyo Ghoul


I didn’t realise just how horrifying this anime was going to be until I started watching it, but it’s actually pretty scary.

The story is about these human-like creatures called ‘ghouls’ that need to eat human beings in order to stay alive. But when a young college student realises that he’s half human, half ghoul things get complicated.

I really love any kind of TV series that’s as dark as this. The main girl in it as well, Touka is just so tough and badass too. She reminds me a lot of Toph from Avatar which I love ^_^

If you’re looking for something cool that also falls into the horror genre then I’d definitely recommend Tokyo Ghoul.



This next favourite thing my not apply to you if you don’t live in Ireland but recently I picked up this amazing Irish fashion and culture magazine. I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time now and I was so glad to have been able to find it.

The magazine itself is very new. The issue that I bought is only the second ever publication of it. What I love about Magpie though is how it focuses so strongly on Irish creators from fashion and interior designers to bloggers and culinary experts.


Reading all about various Irish businesses, (particularly the ones run by other women,) and all about what they’re doing at home and abroad and how they’re shaping their industries,is just so interesting and so pleasant.

In Ireland there seriously is such a wealth of creativity constantly in motion all around the country and for a long time, it has kind of felt like that hasn’t been brought too late all that well. But that’s exactly why I fell so much in love with this magazine. It really shows you just how much life and artistic merit our little island has to offer.

Plus it helps support independent artists and small businesses as well which is always a bonus in my mind!


So these were all of my favourites for the month. If you have anything you liked this month or would like to recommend to me then do let me know in the comment section below!

As always thank you so much for reading and I will see you very soon in my next post. ^_^


~Love Mew xx

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