Velvet with a Vengeance Lookbook

It’s that time of year for my favourite luxury fabric 

PicMonkey Image.jpg

I don’t know about you but I have always really had this thing with velvet. Whatever it is about the material, I just think that it is so rich, so luxurious and so unbelievably comfortable in the wintertime. It’s the perfect fabric for the cold weather and can make any outfit seem so much darker and enchanting, just by the very way it falls.

Today I came up with a few different looks styled all around this beautiful fabric. I also picked out some pieces that I really think you’ll love. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Look One: Crushed


When I first saw this beautiful oversized t-shirt dress on shein, I just knew it had to be mine. It’s amazing how well crushed velvet like this catches the light and this colour was just so sweet and dreamy. I couldn’t wait to style it on top of other pink shades.


For this outfit I kept with my typical ‘cute’ aesthetic but added something a little extra nerdy by wearing my favourite Sailor Moon tights from Spreepicky, along with my Game Over bag from Skinnydip. Just look at how adorable it is! It’s shaped just like a gameboy colour. ^_^

Look Two: Murderess 


For the second look, I wanted to go with something a little edgier, so I stuck with a palette that was much darker and a little more gothic.


I really loved how flattering this burgundy cami was to my frame. It falls rather loosely but  at the same time really elegantly because of the peplum hem and elaborate layers decorating the centre. Even though this is only a cami top, it still is pretty warm due to the thickness of the fabric. So if you wore it over a t-shirt or skinny sweater you would be super toasty. ^_^


In this case though, I draped this billowing maxi cardigan over myself. I actually bought this one some time ago from Abercrombie. But you can find something similar hereI just love this cardigan because there’s so much movement in it and on a windy day like today, I feel like an evil villain whenever I wear this. And for a look as dark as this one, I feel like it works pretty well.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with these black velvet pants. They are just so soft and comfortable but they look ornate and stylish at the same time. I actually ended up buying a few pairs of them in the end. They go with so many outfits it’s amazing!

Look Three: Vintage Vendetta


I just love how effortlessly ornate this outfit is. Once again, I stuck to a dark colour palette, this time experimenting with rich tones and deep purples to give off a luxury vibe.

This vintage dress is one of my favourite pieces of clothing I own. It’s just such high quality and the fabric is so soft. I feel like no matter what way you may wear this, floaty and loose or clinched in with a belt, it just falls so gracefully over your frame. Pretty much my entire outfit is from Om Diva, my favourite vintage store and boutique in Dublin. You can find them on instagram here if you’re interested in checking them out ^_^


I know that I am always wearing this adorable little velvet bag in all of my lookbooks, but it really is the handiest thing for carrying all of your basic essentials. Plus I loved how evenly the colour matches the dress and the gold chain is so ornamental, it makes the outfit look so rich and so warm.

Look Four: Dark Romance


This is yet another vintage outfit from the same boutique. Though, I picked this dress up a good while ago and it has been a wardrobe staple for me ever since. Velvet and lace is definitely one of the most elegant combinations you can have in an outfit and I just love the romantic vibe it gives off here.


It’s hard to see in the picture because it’s black, but this lacy cardigan has a beautiful chiffon peplum hem that adds a really graceful finish when worn over this dress.


So these were all the outfits I came up with for this lookbook. I really hope you like them ^_^ As usual, links for everything (except the vintage of course) are embedded in the text above.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon in my next post.


~Love Mew xx

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