Halloween LUSH haul

Spooky Bath Bombs!


I’ve always seen the cosy autumn season as the perfect time of year for relaxing in a hot bath. And up until only recently, I never realised that each year a special October collection of bath bombs and body lotions is launched by LUSH, with many of them revolving around the theme of Halloween. As soon as I heard about this, I just had to race to Grafton Street and fill up a bag full of bath bombs to test out for you. Maybe it’s my inner Disney villain talking, but there is just something about the idea of spooky-themed beauty products that really appeals to me.


But nevertheless, there can be no doubt that some comforting, autumnal pampering is always a must when it comes to enduring the colder evenings, as is nourishing and protecting our skin from the imminent biting and drying winter weather. So without further ado, lets take a look at some of the things I got!

Pumpkin Bath Bomb


Of course I had to start out with my absolute favourite thing in the collection. This cute little pumpkin face is just so adorable, it won my heart along with the hearts of other fellow shoppers in the store at the time almost straight away. The scent is absolutely heavenly. It’s festive and warming, like a harmonic mélange of orange, flowers, vanilla with a comforting hint of cinnamon and spice all at once.


Watching this explode and fizz and do a crazy series backflips all along my bath was a lot of fun, but more importantly the affect it had on my skin was incredible. I emerged from the water feeling like my skin was instantly softer and it felt like it had literally been warmed and soothed by the bath bomb.

For that reason alone, I think this makes for an excellent bed-time product to use because it will make you feel so cosy and your skin feel so soft and dreamy after using it.

Goth Fairy


If the idea of having sparkly mermaid skin interests you, then I would definitely recommend trying out the goth fairy shimmer bar. The seaweed that the bar is made from gives your skin a natural, iridescent and glittery finish that looks both festive and creative while simultaneously softening your skin.

You can see in the swatch how pigmented it is.

The idea of having such a reflective glow on my skin gave me the idea of using this as a highlighter on my face and it seriously looks strong, is durable and works wonders. The goth fairy is something I’ll use if I’m going somewhere special or if I just want to add a little something extra to my look. It catches and reflects light in such an enchanting way and as a result it really makes your skin look so radiant.



My heart broke a bit when I dropped this little guy into my bath. I mean just look at him, he’s so innocent and helpless looking. But he actually looked really ghostly and spooky when he melted in the water which was amusing and fun for Halloween. Aside from that, he left a really pleasant layer of moisture on the surface of my skin, rendering it really silky, healthy and smooth to the touch. If you suffer from dry skin in the way that I do, then I really think that this bath melt will help you out a lot. It absorbs quickly into the skin and you can really feel a huge reduction in dryness after using it.


Monster’s Ball



I love how creepy this bath bomb looks with his giant cyclops eye haha. While the other bath bombs made the water resemble the same shades as the falling autumn leaves on trees, this one was so much prettier and made the water alive with enchanting shades of blue, pink and purple.


The smell is amazing and really nostalgic for me because its reminiscent of the sugary, sherbet sweets you’d always get from trick or treating on Halloween night. As much as I loved this bath bomb, it didn’t do anything too special for my skin other than make it appear a little brighter, but it did make the bath pleasant and fragrant.


Autumn Leaf


This looks really magical when you put it in the water because floods of warm and dreamy colours start to burst from the leaf and spiral all over the bath. Apparently the Autumn Leaf bath bomb is available all year round in Asia but only comes out once a year as a limited edition in Europe and America, which is a shame because it smells so clean and fresh and left my skin feeling awake an invigorated.



If I was to describe the smell to you, it reminds me of a walk in the woods in autumn. When I was little, like every Irish child in autumn, I used to love collecting things like pinecones, chestnuts, conkers and bark in the forest and this smells exactly like that crisp, refreshing, outdoor autumn feeling, except in a bath bomb. It’s a breath of fresh air for the skin which makes the water resemble the golden colour of falling autumn leaves.


Sparkly Pumpkin


This glitter bubble bar was definitely the most exciting thing I picked up from the collection. It makes the water swell with mountains of frothy, foamy bubbles once you run it under the tap and like most of the other bath bombs in the Halloween collection, it turns the water a warm, pumpkin colour. To me the smell is really festive and christmassy and a little bit zingy because of its citrus infusion. If anything it reminded me a lot of the aroma of a spiced christmas pudding or orange christmas cake -which I loved.


The Sparkly Pumpkin is amazing because you don’t have to add extra bubble bath once you throw it in the water, the bubbles are just there naturally (and in a much more abundant supply.) What I really loved about this too was how the seaweed glitter left a neat little sparkle on my skin. And anything sparkly is always a bonus!


So these are all of the things I got from Lush’s Halloween collection. Of course there are some more products other than what I’ve listed available in store. I just picked out the things I thought were best and that you’d like the most!

Each of the items in the limited edition collection are available until the 31st of October on the Lush website and in Lush stores. And I’ve linked them all in the titles above for you to check out. Happy Halloween ❤


~Love Mew xx

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