Paris Mon Amour ~Part Three

Day Three of Three in the City of Love


The first thing on the itinerary for our last day in Paris was to pay a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Although we didn’t manage to find Quasimodo and Esmerelda, we did get to see plenty of gargoyles perched on the rooftops. ^_^



The inside of the cathedral is incredibly dark, save for the flickering candles, intricately detailed stain-glass windows and gothic chandeliers that hang from above. The decor on the inside is just so hauntingly beautiful that a picture doesn’t do it justice. I loved Notre-Dame. My entire experience there was incredibly surreal. As you enter the cathedral you are hit by a really obscure, historic atmosphere and that made me feel like a gothic princess in a fantasy film and I loved every moment of it. ^_^

tumblr_odkdonvc9a1raoljxo1_1280tumblr_odkdbyprf51raoljxo6_1280tumblr_odkdbyprf51raoljxo8_1280tumblr_odkdcervv61raoljxo1_1280While in the general area of Notre-Dame, a short walk across the Seine to Shakespeare and Co. is an absolute must. This quaint little bookshop is, without a shadow of a doubt one of the most adorable places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting in my entire life. The quiet, sentimental aura of the store makes it the ideal sanctuary for any literary enthusiast seeking refuge from the chronic commotion of the city streets and you could literally spend hours here just browsing the extensive range of literature from the classics to the bestsellers.

tumblr_odkdbyprf51raoljxo1_400tumblr_odkdbyprf51raoljxo5_1280tumblr_odkdbyprf51raoljxo2_1280This cosy little store really tugged at my heartstrings. Old wooden ladders lean lethargically against crowded, crooked bookshelves, tightly packed with the prettiest vintage-look hardbacks there are. The entire shop is a maze of tiny rooms, fraying chairs, and old mirrors shrouded in dust. And I really fell in love with that.


Now down to our last couple of hours in France, we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the city and taking in our last few breaths of Paris.


Of course no trip to France would be properly complete without paying the obligatory visit to Ladurée ❤



The last thing we wanted to do before leaving the city was to visit the Paris Opera House, but unfortunately we weren’t able to bring our suitcases inside so we had to find somewhere else to go. (this is what it would have looked like)


Luckily there was a Lindt flagship store just around the corner where we were able to indulge in infinite amounts of rich Swiss chocolate and marvel at each of the beautifully crafted chocolate models of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. At the back of the store, chefs were whisking bowls full to the brim of swirling melted chocolate and right on the opposite side, there was a chocolate cafe lavished with luscious cakes and macaroons and every type of hot chocolate and creamy frappe you could ever dream of. If anything was going to trump the Paris Opera House it was going to be this!



A master chocolatier will decorate one of these hearts with a personalised message for you, making for the perfect romantic gift. ❤

Following this moment of bliss, it was time to head back to Montmartre for a bite to eat before hopping in a taxi to fly home to Dublin.


So this was everything I did throughout my trip to Paris. I really had an amazing time and wish I could go back tomorrow. It was just that beautiful.


Have any of you guys ever been to Paris? What’s your favourite city? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. ❤


~Love Mew xx

2 thoughts on “Paris Mon Amour ~Part Three

    1. mewxx

      Hahaha aw :’) I really wish I could have done both to be honest. The opera house looks stunning! ❤️ I’m glad you got to go there ^_^ Thank you so much, that’s so nice of you to say so ❤ x

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