Paris Mon Amour ~Part Two

Day Two of Three in the City of Love


In the morning we visited Jardin des Tuileries before making our way to the Louvre. A colourful funfair occupied the lower end of the park so of course we had to try out some fair games!



Nommage ❤

What I really loved about this park was how countless crepe stands flooded the gardens with the alluring aroma of butter and buckwheat as crepes and Belgian waffles were being prepared fresh at every turn. It’s really not an easy thing to resist the mouthwatering sight of the piles of hot galettes boasting heavy amounts of ham and cheese, nor the sweet crepes that overflow with generous dollops of nutella, honey and sugar. If there’s anywhere in Paris to find the dessert of your dreams it’s definitely here!



Sitting on one of the thousands of garden chairs scattered all across the park and indulging in one of these decadent creations, fat with strawberries and cream is well worth it for the view of blooming flowers and lapping fountains surrounding the park. (Not to mention the amazing food.)


The Louvre is by far one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places in the entire city. Even the delicate glass pyramid that stands in the centre of the square as the entrance to the museum is, in itself, extraordinarily pretty. You could literally spend a whole day wandering around wide-eyed as you gaze at the perfect anatomy of every stone sculpture, the elaborate, opulent mosaics and swooning over the lavishly sparkling jewellery of the ancient world. And the best part of it is that if you’re an EU citizen under 26 years of age you can skip the queues and get in for free! (Just be sure to bring your passport.)


Possibly the most impressive and grandiose feature of the museum is the vibrant and abundantly ostentatious oil paintings that float ablaze with colour on each of the gold ceilings. It’s so hard not to spend all of your time looking up as you pass the threshold into each new room. There’s always a new painting bursting with life to discover, each with its own story to tell.


Next, I want to share my absolute favourite experience of the trip with you.

This was ascending Paris’s infamous Tour Montparnasse, which is renowned for the stunning panoramic view of the city that it offers from far above the city’s architecturally elegant skyline.


While Le Tour Montparnasse may not be the prettiest looking building from the outside, having the chance to watch the sky turn pink over the Eiffel Tower with a glass of champagne in hand as the entire city turned gold by the light of the setting sun was one of the most enchanting experiences I could have ever asked for. Here, we had the amazing opportunity to stand outside and enjoy the altitude from the tower’s 689ft observation deck, and to chill out indoors at the 360-degree glass bar on the floor below. (This protected us from the bugs!) There can be no doubt that looking down at Paris from the tallest building in all of France is one of the most romantic views in the entire world.

tumblr_odefkh826l1raoljxo1_1280   tumblr_odefkh826l1raoljxo3_540

Finally, the perfect day drew to an end over an absolute feast. This was none other than a luxurious three course meal, loaded with plenty of wine, cheese and escargot, not to mention the crescendo of a creme brûlée that came at the end to finish off the meal.


So that was my second day in Paris ^_^ I will see you tomorrow for my third and final day. But until then…


~Love Mew xx

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