August Favourites

The end of the month is finally upon us which means that it’s once again time for my monthly favourites! Are you excited?


I have so many things that I can’t wait to show you this month. As usual we have three categories: Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment.

Let’s start with entertainment first.

1.) Stranger Things


The show that everyone is talking about -and it’s easy to see why.  Stranger Things is a supernatural horror series that follows the dark story of a small, American town where a dark presence lurks in the shadows and people begin to mysteriously disappear.

Though this may be classified as a horror series, it really isn’t tremendously scary at all, so you don’t need to worry if you’re easily frightened like me. I found Stranger Things to be more thrilling than terrifying.

This serious is a seriously addictive one as each of the eight chapters ends on a highly dramatic note and there is always a huge cliffhanger to keep you trembling on the edge of your seat at each episode’s finale. The entire atmosphere that the show creates is both eerie and unsettling and the overall plot is incredibly clever. With Winona Ryder starring as one of the main characters, it definitely is worth the watch.

2.) Canon Powershot G7x


The camera used by a multitude of youtubers and bloggers alike, (pewdiepie, cutiepiemarzia and jacksepticeye to name a few) this trusty little pocket camera is the perfect companion for all fellow instagramming, youtubing and blogging-devotees out there. What makes this camera so special is the fact that it’s so tiny and light, yet it takes stunning DSLR-quality photos wherever you may be. Equipped with not only a touchscreen, but a flip screen (for what else other than satisfying all of your HD selfie needs?), wifi, outstanding zoom and a myriad of adjustable lighting features to get that perfect shot, the G7x is the perfect camera to up your instagramming and blogging game.

It’s an amazing feeling being able to embrace your creativity and capture amazing memories no matter where you are without lugging a two-tonne DSLR all around the world with you, which is exactly why this camera has become my blogging saviour.

3.) Super Smash Bros Wii U


Before the beginning of the month, the last time I even had thought about Super Smash Bros was when I played it for the Wii at the beginning of secondary school. The month of August however enabled me to rediscover my love for this game as well as for all things Nintendo. It’s especially a lot of fun with friends and at parties because it can get very competitive! My go-to character is Zelda because who doesn’t love to kick ass as a princess? ^_^

4.) Daisy Street Velvet Boots


Now onto some fashion favourites. If you have seen my most recent Asos Haul then you definitely would have noticed these amazing boots. I have started wearing these literally everywhere I go and I definitely think they are the prettiest boots I have ever owned. They are my favourite shade of pink and made entirely of velvet, my favourite material ever  -which is exactly why I fell so madly in love with them. If you want to nab a pair of them, you can find them on asos here. ❤

5.) Choies Egg Purse.


A really cool clothing site called Choies sent me this adorable little fried-egg bag for free and I was just so delighted when I finally received it. This purse is just so cute and so unique and funny that it’s hard to look at it without finding a huge smile on your face. Breakfast has never been so fashionable! Despite its humorous appeal, it does have a practical element to it too, as it has a fully adjustable and detachable strap, so it can be worn long or short, or even as a clutch if you so wish. If you would like to receive this bag too it’s available here. The other clothes on their website are also worth checking out because they have a lot of classy, cute and alternative pieces that suit all styles available at some pretty cheap prices. ^_^

6.) Sailor Moon Tights



Ever since I was so small I have always had a profound love for all things anime and especially for all things Sailor Moon. That’s why when I found these tights from this kawaii store called Spreepicky, I had to have them in my wardrobe immediately. Available in two colours, black for Luna and white for Artemis, these tights make a simple outfit just so much cuter. You can find them on Spreepicky here. ^_^

7.) Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner


A really impressive makeup tool and definitely a strong staple for all fellow eyeliner enthusiasts. What makes the They’re Real Eyeliner stand out so much is the fact that the entire product is built for people (like me) who aren’t blessed with the fortune of having steady hands for doing their winged liner. The brush is perfectly angled to the shape of the eye, allowing for a more fluid creation of a sharp cat-eye effect, minus the risk of messing up the rest of your makeup! The formula of the eyeliner will remind you of the consistency  charcoal at first because its quite dry and chalky, but it is completely waterproof and once applied, almost unmovable. Just make sure you have a good makeup remover if you’re going to start using this!

8.) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


And that brings me onto my final beauty favourite this month which is this cleaner from Garnier. This impressed me so much because I barely even had to scrub my eyes to wash away any excess mascara, the cleanser gently melted it away all by itself. Using this cleanser makes the whole process of removing your makeup much quicker and simpler which is why I absolutely loved it this month.

So that’s it. These were all of my favourite things during the month of August. I just can’t wait for next month to see what September will bring. Are you as excited for autumn as I am? What were your favourite things this month? I’d love to hear all about your favourite things in the comment section below. ❤


~Love Mew xx





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    1. mewxx

      I understand how you feel completely! It took me forever to save up for it but I found mine for a cheaper price so I was very lucky. ^^’ And thank you so much ❤ it is a lovely camera haha :3 x

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