The most amazing haul ever!


With the cuddle-worthy autumn weather just around the corner and the long summer days already starting to draw to a slow close, the arrival of this year’s autumn/winter trends have already got us all full of excitement for the new season.

Today I am coming to you with my biggest haul yet and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to share some of my favourite things currently on Asos with you. (Brace yourself. There will be a lot of shoes!)

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.) Ruffle Jumper (ASOS)


It was love at first sight for me with this neat little cream sweater because of its elegant 80’s/90’s vibes. This type of jumper looks like it was taken right out of that Netflix show, Stranger Things, which was an immediate bonus for me. If you’ve spent any time checking out this year’s AW trends, you’d notice that it’s difficult not to come by knitwear that is in any way textured or ribbed. And it’s easy to see why seeing as how sweaters like these are simply adorable. ^_^


Honestly, I can’t wait for the weather to start getting that little bit chillier so I can wear this darling little knit during the daytime. The ruffles around the neck and sleeves stand out a lot and add that extra little bit of innocence and elegance, thus contributing to the overall graceful and endearing look of the jumper.

2.) GAME OVER bag (Skinnydip London)


If you’re familiar with my previous fashion posts then you’d know that I absolutely adore all things Skinnydip. I just think that they have such a unique take on fashion and of course, they are the perfect brand for adding some bold and daring statement pieces to your wardrobe.

I bought this bag because it reminded me so much of the gameboy colour that I used to play growing up. I just thought that it was really nostalgic, cute and that would be appealing to all fellow geeks for that reason. ^_^ Carrying this around makes for a really fun addition to any outfit and obviously it is a beautifully eye-catching piece, and one greatly suited to all nerdy personalities out there. Also how can you not admire that iridescent finish on its dainty little wings and adorable shining screen?


3.) Pink Velvet Boots (Daisy Street)


tumblr_ocxq5sBDw11raoljxo1_400As soon as I laid eyes on these, I just knew that they were made for me and my fellow velvet lovers alike. The colour is very soft, but at the same time, quite striking and the texture of these boots gives them a beautiful iridescent glow whenever the light hits them. What’s cool about shoes like these is the fact that they can make an outfit styled with a skirt or dress seem even more youthful, while they can add a bit of an edge and originality to an outfit styled with jeans or trousers. Really, I’m so happy with these shoes I could almost buy another pair of them. They are just so comfy and soft, it literally feels like wearing two little clouds of candy floss on your feet. ❤


4.) Mirrored Heel Boots (Public Desire)


It is only recently that I discovered Public Desire and already they are one of my favourite shoe brands. A decent pair of black ankle boots are such an essential in life. You barely even have to think twice before putting them on because they match any outfit and blend perfectly with almost any setting, wherever you may go. This particular pair seem like they’d be just a plain leather-look boot, but the reflective, metallic heel gives them a little bit of personality which is always a nice touch.


5.) Glass Heel Patent Boots (Public Desire)


This next pair of ankle boots is also from Public Desire. Unlike the previous ones however, I think that they have a much more playful, modern vibe. The best thing about them of course, has got to be their most eye-catching detail -the dazzling glass heel at the back which is framed by a thick gold ring. I also love how shiny they are due to their patent leather-look. These boots are so edgy, yet elegant so you can literally feel like a badass wherever you may go in them.


6.) Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil


I decided that I would try out rosehip oil because I’ve been hearing great things about the wonders it can work for dry, cracked and red skin, which is something that I seriously struggle with. What makes this product so special (other than the fact that it’s taken directly from nature and 100% organic) is the fact that it is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which each actively work to combat premature ageing, wrinkles and of course, dryness. My parched skin was in desperate need of something like this, so already I am excited to try it out and to see how it works in repairing my broken skin throughout the month. (And of course I will post a review of it as soon as I start to see its effects.)

So these are all of the things that I bought this week. As you can see, I am already super excited for the arrival of autumn and am already enjoying gathering the essentials that will help complete my closet for the imminent cosy weather. ❤ As usual, the links for everything are embedded above in the text of the items I described. Happy shopping ❤ xx


~ Love Mew xx



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