Kawaii #OOTD Back to School

Featuring: Penney’s (Primark), Topshop and Spreepicky


With the back to school season already upon us and the excitement of yet another magical new year beginning to kick in, I thought that it was high time for another outfit post! Today’s look is something sweet, adorable and slightly nerdy, making it perfectly appropriate for any studious setting.


I chose this polkadot blouse from Primark because I thought that it was very simple yet very sweet, and would be a perfect piece for the first day back at school. I just love how the polkadots add that little touch of charm to an otherwise ordinary plain white shirt, so it comes across as professional, while still showing off a little bit of personality in the outfit as well. ^_^


While this blouse would look really flattering with a pastel-coloured skirt, I decided to pair it with this simple cord skirt from Topshop instead.(similar) I did this simply because I thought that it would create a simple, neutral, yet sweet colour scheme and a more wearable look for school.


Next, to complete the ‘kawaii’ look that I was going for, and to add a more youthful vibe to the outfit, I wore my new favourite Sailor Moon tights from Spreepicky. The fact that these stockings have little pictures of Artemis’ face on them is just so dreamy and endearing and they make the whole outfit appear even more cute and cuddly than it already was.<3


Finally I chose a pair of basic black flats for shoes to keep with the innocent, practical vibe of this look. Once again, these are from Primark.


Now I’m all set for school! Are you guys sad you have to go back? Or are you looking forward to a new year? Personally I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. ^_^

That’s all from me for now. I will see you tomorrow in my next post. But until then…


~Love Mew xx

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