Pastels and Pom Poms ~OOTD

It’s time for another outfit post!




With the last few days of summer already upon us, I decided to make the most of one of my favourite outfits of the season.

It goes without saying that one of the best things about the summer months is the brilliant bunches of colourful flowers that seem to blossom and bloom everywhere you look and in every garden. I also adore the ocean this time of year and to see a big clear blue sky reflected in it. (which is so unusual for Ireland.)  This outfit is inspired by the bright aspects of nature and the dreamy pastel hues that come about with the long sunny days. If you follow me on my instagram you probably are familiar with this outfit already. But today I thought I’d tell you a little about it.

This adorable little H&M aline dress really caught my eye mainly because the colour was so cool and vibrant. Plus I thought it would blend in perfectly with any outdoor summer scene.



To compliment the light, pastel spectrum of pinks and blues in this dress, I matched it with this adorable little pompom bag that I picked up from one of my favourite brands, Skinnydip London. Seriously this brand was probably my best discovery of the year. They do some of the quirkiest and most outlandish pieces which is great if you like making a statement with your style. (Because why not be eccentric?)


And to finally complete the whole outfit, I put on a cutesy little pair of pompom sandals that I bought last year on asos. I really think that they match the blue pompom on the handbag and the colour of the dress (and day) quite nicely.





So this is the look that I came up with to enjoy the bright weather. I really wanted to give off a playful aura with this look and the  pompoms combined with the overall pastel colour scheme help to do just that. As usual the links (for similar items) are all embedded in the text above. I couldn’t find these pieces online, but I’m sure that this dress is still available in store at H&M and that you could pick up the same handbag in your nearest TopShop.

That’s all from me for now. I really hope we see each other again in our next post!


~Love Mew xx

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