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Some of the best things on Netflix this month


Because it is now summer and everybody has a lot more free time, it can sometimes be hard to know how to spend it. Me, I have chosen to spend this free time with my netflix account and as a result I have turned into a coach potato who has been doing nothing  but binge-watching TV shows and movies all week long. ^_^  Today, however I decided to do something productive and share some of my favourite things with you. And hopefully that will give you an idea of what will be exciting to watch. Hopefully this blogpost will save you time on mindlessly scrolling through Netflix titles, unsure of what to watch and will help you find something you love.

1.) Terrace House


The first thing that I have been loving lately is a Japanese reality show called Terrace House. The reason why I am mentioning this first is because I definitely found it to be one of the most entertaining shows that I have seen in a while. The series is about six strangers, boys and girls who all move into an expensive house in Tokyo to live among one another. The concept of the series is quite similar to something like Jersey Shore or Big Brother, however it is a million times more interesting because there is always so much activity taking place in the lives of the characters, from excelling in their jobs, to finding love among their housemates and the list goes on. The viewers get to tag along as couples go on dates around Tokyo as well as experience the anxieties that go hand in hand with the freshly budding relationships between each of the characters. All in all, the entire filming of the show makes it appear more like an Asian drama and less like a reality show. So there’s never a dull moment experienced.

My favourite aspect of the programme is the way in which it so seamlessly offers such a deep insight into the way in which young Japanese people in Tokyo live and the culture that goes with their lifestyles. If you have an interest in Japanese culture then I would highly recommend watching Terrace House because it’s such a fun way of catching a glimpse of day to day life in Tokyo.

2.) Louis Theroux


Out of all the documentary series on Netflix, the work of Louis Theroux has got to be my absolute favourite of them all. A seemingly socially awkward journalist puts  himself in uncomfortable and often dangerous situations as he interviews all kind of weird and eccentric people, from those who keep wild animals as pets to others who are addicted to plastic surgery.

These documentaries are so interesting because of the strange characters that Louis encounters throughout his travels. Just be warned however that some of his documentaries address some really dark and controversial issues and often feel awkward and discomforting to watch. However, I feel like this never really takes away from the intrigue of the documentaries and I think that it is largely due to Louis’ ability to communicate with some of the world’s most strange and bizarre people on such a human level that makes the series so addictive.


3.) FULLMETAL Alchemist: Brotherhood.


It just wasn’t possible for me to write a post like this without including an anime. Netflix in Ireland has an amazing selection of anime at the moment and it has been really nostalgic for me to see a lot of my favourite anime, (Code Geass, Death Note, FMAB, Vampire Knight) so easily accessible to me.

Fullmetal Alchemist is hands down one of the best stories ever written and the top anime of all time if you ask me. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, two young brothers, Edward and Alfonse Elric try to use the science of alchemy to bring their deceased mother back to life, only to face disastrous consequences. The story that unfolds from there on regards the two brothers as they search for a philosopher’s stone, a legendary gem that will help them recover their lost and destroyed bodies. The more they find out about the stone however, the darker the story gets and it explodes into something so intensely dramatic, so deeply emotional and so disturbingly well-thought-out and clever. Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime that challenges the unknown aspects of life and death in such a unique and original way.

Side note: (I much preferred FMAB to the original FMA series as I found it to be a much more intense and much sadder than the original series. But that’s totally up to you of course. If you like a TV series that leads you to be an emotional wreck or even themes of magic, life and relationships among friends and family then this anime is definitely going to be right up your street. Even if you don’t usually watch anime, FMAB is just so unique that it’s worth a shot.


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.48.31

Now onto a film, and not just any film, a tim Burton film. YAY! Big Fish is really unlike his usual work as it is a step away from the typical, dark stormy, gothic scenes that he usually uses in his films and into the bright, colourful, cheerful Alabama. Despite this change however, the film still retains that enchanting, magical and mysterious glow that is so prominent in his works.

The story follows the life of the character of Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor) who is looking back on the definitive moments of his life as he lies on his death bed. Though it may sounds kind of dark, the film is definitely not what you’d expect it to be. When you watch it, you’ll find that its actually one of the most heartwarming and endearing movies out there.

Rather than living a normal, mundane life, the main character spent his years meeting strange and mysterious people, many of whom possessed magical powers and helped shape his life in some way. There are so many unforgettable scenes in this film. Typical of Tim Burton, everything is just so visually appealing and sensationally striking that it will make you wish you lived in the world created in the movie. Big Fish is a film that delivers such a sentimental message about life and the importance of being friendly in a truly sweet and heartwarming way. I’d recommend  it for anyone of any age.

5.) David Bowie: Five Years


I spotted this documentary shortly after the passing of David Bowie and just knew that I had to see it. While the documentary doesn’t really offer any new footage of David Bowie himself, (it does feature older interviews with him from the 70’s) it still is worth the watch if you are a fan of his music and his art.

This documentary reviews five definitive years in David Bowie’s career and features interviews with the various musicians and producers who worked on his albums alongside him. What makes this documentary so interesting is seeing the tremendous amounts of effort and work from so many different people that went into making his music.

I always find that David Bowie is such a fantastical and mesmerising character to look at, even when he’s not preforming and to hear the mystifying cadence of his voice as he speaks in an interview is just such a unique and amazing experience. Here, the viewer gets the best of both worlds as the documentary enables you to be immersed in music as well as collections of statements, interviews and quotes from the wonderful Star Man himself.


6.) To Rome with Love


And now I will finish off this post by recommending a rom-com. (Or should I say ROME-com *lololol*)

Rome is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everything about the city is incredibly romantic and just to think about the ancient civilisation, the people and the elaborate buildings that existed there thousands of years ago is so enchanting.For these reasons a romantic movie set in Rome is particularly appealing.

Even if you have never been there before, the film offers such a picturesque view of each of the intricate details of the city. Between rustic Italian restaurants, dreamy candle lit dinners on narrow cobblestoned streets, happy couples on vespas whizzing by the Coliseum and summertime adventures through the Vatican Gardens, I have no doubt that you will fall in love yourself, in one way or another with this film.

Seriously though, To Rome with Love is just so sweet and so charming that it becomes impossible to watch without it bringing a smile to your face.

Hopefully these recommendations can help ease some of your summer boredom. As always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions yourself. I’d love to hear all about your favourite shows. ❤ For now, I’m going to go off and watch some more films so expect a part two post soon!



Love Mew xx

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